25 Oct 2021

Executive Advisory

The stakes for business leaders are higher than ever. We have counseled executives through some of the biggest crises and challenges of the past three decades. From Fortune 100 companies to emerging market startups, Dezenhall Resources’ battle-tested team is at the ready to serve as an advisor and confidant as our clients navigate regulatory challenges and […]

25 Oct 2021

Advertising & Creative

Communication today is more visual than ever. We develop compelling creative campaigns and paid media efforts that advance our client’s commercial and advocacy initiatives and rebut their detractors’ false narratives. Compelling video, targeted advertising, social-optimized creative assets, web and graphic design are critical components of an effective advocacy campaign. They allow us to meet voters, […]

25 Oct 2021

Research & Insights

We begin each engagement by developing a precise landscape and risk analysis that identifies the antagonists and factors in the political and cultural windmills that are at our back and in our face. Our research and data analysis helps us understand what and who our clients are up against, along with what motivates them. Using […]

25 Oct 2021

Media Training

Media interaction is a discipline that requires patience and practice. Our approach to media training spends less time on the cosmetics of how to look in front of a camera and far more on performing effectively in the face of intense media scrutiny. We are experts at coaching client spokespeople on how to prepare for […]

25 Oct 2021

Digital & Social Media Strategy

We are living in a digital world. Organizations that ignore the digital space ignore consumers, influencers and potential allies. Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. creates strategic digital campaigns that allow our clients to bypass the often-biased filter of the media and speak directly to consumers and supporters. Our marketplace defense-focused approach is grounded in an understanding of […]

25 Oct 2021

Crisis Preparedness & Training

We help our clients develop comprehensive crisis plans that serve as their roadmap to avoid or minimize reputational damage in times of crisis. No two organizations are the same, therefore no two crisis preparedness plans are the same. Given the speed at which a crisis unfolds, it’s vital for organizations to be prepared for everything […]

25 Oct 2021

Coalition Building

In today’s oversaturated and ever-shifting media and political environment, it’s easy for one voice to get lost in the ether. That’s why we take a political campaign approach to wining – refuting a client’s detractors and bringing others into the fight. We are skilled at developing and managing diverse alliances of independent, unaffiliated advocates that […]

21 Oct 2021

Grassroots & Grasstops Influencer Engagement

Crafting compelling messages is the first step in building a winning campaign, but a good message is ineffective if you’re not deploying it credibly. By identifying, educating and mobilizing sympathetic third-party voices, we inject our clients’ point of view into media coverage, negotiations between decision makers and the consciousness of the general public. We employ […]

21 Oct 2021

Government Investigation Support

Little business is done in the world without regulatory compliance requirements. While organizations can count on regulation as a part of doing business, government agencies, often with special interests backing them, move the goalposts by adding or changing regulatory rules constantly. We help our clients launch spirited, forward-focused defenses that can turn these regulatory situations […]

20 Oct 2021

Crisis Management & Mitigation

Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. is one of the most trusted crisis management firms. As one of the first practitioners of the crisis management discipline, we are pioneers in the field and continue to evolve our approach to help our clients meet the moment. Most crises that threaten to damage an organization’s ability to do business or […]