About the firm

The media has perpetuated a myth that “big business” is all powerful, enjoying unchecked influence over policymakers, regulators and watchdogs.  This is nonsense.  Regulators and their activist allies have corporations out-organized and out-funded in many sectors, with baked-in support in the court of public opinion. Dezenhall helps level the playing field for companies and industry groups that are targeted by these motivated adversaries.

The way we see it, a crisis isn’t an opportunity. It’s a distraction. And a marketplace assault isn’t a coincidence. It’s a deliberate attack. These distractions and deliberate attacks take away from our clients’ freedom to operate. Like all effective management consultants, Dezenhall starts with understanding our clients’ ultimate business objective—usually to have their crisis or marketplace challenge recede –then we design and implement unique strategies that let our clients get back to business.

Founded in 1987, Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. has earned a reputation for meeting crisis situations and marketplace challenges head on and winning a fair hearing for our clients.

We are strategists, counselors and tacticians handling a diverse set of clients in nearly every industry, ranging from global corporations to large and boutique law firms, issue and public policy coalitions, colleges and universities, research institutions, philanthropic groups and more.

Our veteran team yields decades of experience in solving complex challenges.  We are former investigative reporters and producers, management consultants, congressional press secretaries, White House and federal agency aides and political campaign managers, as well as trade association and corporate communicators.

The Dezenhall Difference

Dezenhall’s mission is to help our clients survive a reputational crisis, an adverse public policy change, unwanted or unwarranted government scrutiny, a competitor attack or a public disclosure that threatens their ability to operate. We are known for managing acute corporate and litigation controversies, mounting effective marketplace defenses, driving policy and regulatory changes that are advantageous to our clients’ bottom lines and turning back chronic, agenda-driven attacks that threaten reputations, brands and industries at large.

We believe in discretion at all times. Our clients face some of the most intense – and often unfair – controversies in their personal or corporate histories. We work to help our clients resolve issues before they become public controversies. For that reason, we hold the counselor-client relationship as a sacred trust: we do not disclose our client list, announce our new business wins or publicly discuss client case histories without permission.