The firm

Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. is one of the most trusted public affairs and crisis management firms and first practitioners of the crisis management discipline. Over the past 30 years, we have guided countless businesses, trade groups, law firms, and nonprofits through issues big and small, all of which threatened to damage the organization’s reputation and ability to do business. And in doing so, we’ve earned a reputation for meeting marketplace challenges and crises head-on while securing winning outcomes for our clients.

Unique to our industry, we disavow traditional public relations clichés that most firms cite as doctrine such as “get ahead of the story” and “be transparent.” The reality is that a crisis isn’t an opportunity; it’s a distraction. A national pandemic isn’t a choice; it’s a logistical nightmare. A marketplace assault isn’t a coincidence; it’s a deliberate attack. While many in our field default to trite and tepid slogans and an unlikely-to-drive-real-results approach of educating stakeholders through flashy ad campaigns and collateral materials, we believe a winning outcome can only be achieved by directly stopping your attackers. We help our clients defend against marketplace assaults – which are chronic, sophisticated attacks from self-interested and motivated adversaries, like competitor industries and regulators. That’s where our founding philosophy of marketplace defense comes in.

Marketplace Defense.

Marketplace defense is a strategic operational and communications approach that allows an organization to protect its market share by pre-empting and rebutting third-party attacks that threaten its reputation, freedom to operate or bottom line. Whether preparing for a crisis or in the midst of a marketplace assault, we start each engagement by working with our clients to establish realistic objectives, as well as developing a precise landscape analysis that identifies the antagonists and factors in the political and cultural windmills that are at our back and in our face. Then we tailor a plan to win, which, unlike many in this discipline, frequently involves creating political risk for our client’s opponents and attackers.

Whether your issue is an aggressive Washington or state regulator, a legislator in need of persuasion, a competitor disparaging your product in the press or an angry Twitter mob, you need more than a PR firm to “craft winning messages” and jump on daily strategy calls. You need an honest, comprehensive inventory of your motivated adversaries, an understanding of what drives them and an action plan to defuse their arguments and tactics.

We understand the need to clear a path to victory, whether our clients are playing offense or defense. While that means employing a variety of traditional public affairs tactics to tell our clients’ stories, it also means a marketplace defense campaign that makes operational changes and responds to detractors, neutralizing their arguments and giving us the oxygen to make ours effectively.

In today’s public affairs, government relations and media environment, traditional tactics are often insufficient, primarily because they mistake conflicts–fundamental disagreements and agendas–with communications problems and misunderstandings. That’s where we come in.

The Dezenhall Difference.

We believe in discretion at all times. Our clients face some of the most intense – and often unfair – controversies in their personal or corporate histories. We work to help our clients resolve issues before they become public controversies. For that reason, we hold the counselor-client relationship as a sacred trust; therefore, we do not disclose our client list, announce our new business wins, or publicly discuss client case histories without permission.