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27 Feb 2024

Crisis Communication and the Legal Department The Legal Department

Surviving a crisis is all about internal alignment, communication protocols, and self-care. Our CEO, Anne Marie Malecha, joined Stacy Bratcher on the Legal Department podcast to discuss the importance of adapting to the evolving media scene and collaborating with legal teams. Clear objectives, early communication, and a strong crisis team are key.

23 Feb 2024

Dez Reads. Michelangelo’s Hidden Art, Instagram’s Informative Influence, DraftKings’ Daring Deal, Teen Traders Triumph, and more. Substack

Welcome back to another edition of Dez Reads, where we delve into the stories that shape, shake, and stir the cultural, entertainment, finance, and political headlines. This week, we venture into a secret room in Florence that whispers of Michelangelo’s genius, navigate the shifting sands of news consumption on Instagram, marvel at the financial acumen […]

20 Feb 2024

Celebrating Journalism and Democracy with the National Press Foundation Dez News

        One of my favorite classes at the University of Minnesota was an elective journalism law and ethics course. Ironically, I never wanted to be a journalist in the trenches of reporting the news, but I always knew the news was important and had a deep respect for The First Amendment and […]

16 Feb 2024

Dez Reads. Sphere’s Spectacular Surge, Ride-Share Riddles, Kennedy’s Campaign Echo, and more. Substack

Welcome back to Dez Reads, your essential digest of the week’s most subtly influential stories. This week, we explore the surge in revenue following the Sphere Las Vegas opening, the newfound profitability paths for Uber and Lyft, the media’s adaptation to transformative changes, the enduring allure of the Kennedy legacy, the mixed reception of Apple’s […]

13 Feb 2024

How Big Tech Wants You to Think About Big Tech Substack

Did you watch the Super Bowl ads this year? If you did, you might have noticed that three Big Tech companies – Google, Snap, and Microsoft – used their ads to showcase their products and services in a positive light. But why did they do that? And what does it mean for their future? In […]

09 Feb 2024

Dez Reads. Bank Branches, Mickey Mouse Fight, Podcast Palooza, and More Substack

Welcome to Dez Reads, a recap of everything interesting that our team read and discussed amongst ourselves the week of February 9, 2024. The reputation and influence disciplines are extremely complex; understanding and impacting public opinion requires an intense curiosity about the world. We are always reading smart, in-depth reporting and analysis of trends in […]

16 Jan 2024

Boeing and the Taylor Swifting of Crisis Management Substack

I don’t like flying. I’m not a science guy and don’t really believe in aerodynamics. Big things shouldn’t be, you know, Up There. I believe in gravity, the laws that state that heavy things that are Up There will fall Down There if they’re not held up by something. I am not well respected as a physicist.  I have, […]

11 Jan 2024

A Career ‘Death Watch’ For Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Is Not The Answer, Says Eric Dezenhall CNBC

Eric Dezenhall was on Squawk Box to discuss the reputation and credibility of Boeing in light of the latest Being 737 Max-9 issues.  Watch the clip below.

08 Jan 2024

Pay No Attention to This Money Substack

Former University of Pennsylvania Board of Trustees Chairman Scott Bok penned an oped in the Philadelphia Inquirer arguing that wealthy donors should have limited influence in what happens at the schools they give money to. Bok’s piece set off a flurry of emails and calls between friends and acquaintances who attended such schools. The upshot of the […]

14 Dec 2023

Dean Wormer Goes Before Congress Substack

Last week, Harvard’s Claudine Gay, Penn’s Liz Magill and MIT’s Sally Kornbluth went before Congress to talk about free speech and antisemitism, imploded, and unwittingly declared war. It’s not a good thing for the presidents of prestigious universities to be unwitting. Unless, of course, they had their wits entirely about them, as I believe they […]