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01 Jun 2023

The Ghosts of Crisis Management Past and Future Substack

In the 35 years since I took a gamble and built a firm around the crisis management discipline, I have seen several major shifts in how corporations, celebrities, and other brands confront reputational attacks. Not only are the challenges we face today vastly different from those of the 1980s but there are also more tactics […]

30 May 2023

Are the Accused Obligated to Blow Themselves Up? Substack

In my life outside of crisis management, I write about crime. Crime writers are also crime readers, and my latest obsession has been the unsolved 2017 murders of Toronto billionaires Barry and Honey Sherman. Barry founded the generic drugmaker Apotex. Setting aside the whodunit aspects, the crisis manager in me is focused on another sub-drama: […]

24 May 2023

Epstein’s Scheme Substack

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that the late pedophile Jeffrey Epstein may have suggested to Bill Gates that he would expose an extramarital relationship if he didn’t reimburse him for a particular expense or perhaps some other provocation. Because I like trying to figure out the mechanics of what’s going on with crises […]

18 May 2023

Spoiler Alert: Shiv Will Win Substack

Spoiler Alert: This analysis includes information about the show Succession, Season 4, Episode 8. It includes many spoilers, and you should not read it if you aren’t caught up. I’m as obsessed with HBO’s Succession as much as the next guy. The show is a gigantic series of micro-negotiations where the most important currency is leverage. After […]

25 Apr 2023

Biden’s 2024 Campaign Risks Becoming a Meme Explosion Newsweek

President Joe Biden’s bid for re-election raises concerns about how he will navigate social media in a polarized and rightward-shifting landscape, highlighting the importance for candidates to control their message online. As a crisis management firm, we understand the risks of viral moments and memes that can quickly cause a public relations spiral and tarnish […]

13 Mar 2023

Dezenhall Resources Announces Transition Plan

Dezenhall Resources Announces Transition Plan to Next Generation of Partners Sale of firm will finalize in 2028   Washington, D.C. – Dezenhall Resources, Ltd., one of the nation’s leading crisis management firms, today announced an agreement that will lead to a full ownership of the company by partners Anne Marie Malecha and Josh Culling in […]

07 Mar 2023

Internal Leaks: A Corporate Chronic Condition Forbes

Leakers Gonna Leak! Anne Marie Malecha writes in Forbes about the rise of agenda-driven whistleblowers, what organizations can do to prevent leaks, be prepared for when they happen, and how they can manage through and get back to business. Read the article

01 Mar 2023

Economy-size Redemption is Enough Substack

My friend directed me to a story in the New York Times about Elizabeth Koch, daughter of billionaire Charles Koch. After suffering considerable personal distress as a result of her extraordinary life circumstances, Koch founded an organization devoted to helping others through “self-investigation.” It looks interesting and good for her. There are many forms of anguish in […]

24 Feb 2023

Wait Till They Get a Load of Me! Substack

I’ve been following the murder trial of South Carolina lawyer, Alex Murdaugh, for a few reasons. The first is that I am riveted by true crime. The second is that there are parallels between this violent crime and the white-collar cases I’ve worked on in crisis management. There are crimes committed by the desperate, and […]

23 Feb 2023

14 Smart Strategies To Proactively Prepare For A PR Crisis Forbes

Read why Anne Marie Malecha tells Forbes if organizations can only do one thing to prepare for a crisis it’s to have a multidisciplinary crisis team at the ready. Read the article