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13 Mar 2023

Dezenhall Resources Announces Transition Plan

Dezenhall Resources Announces Transition Plan to Next Generation of Partners Sale of firm will finalize in 2028   Washington, D.C. – Dezenhall Resources, Ltd., one of the nation’s leading crisis management firms, today announced an agreement that will lead to a full ownership of the company by partners Anne Marie Malecha and Josh Culling in […]

07 Mar 2023

Internal Leaks: A Corporate Chronic Condition Forbes

Leakers Gonna Leak! Anne Marie Malecha writes in Forbes about the rise of agenda-driven whistleblowers, what organizations can do to prevent leaks, be prepared for when they happen, and how they can manage through and get back to business. Read the article

01 Mar 2023

Economy-size Redemption is Enough Substack

My friend directed me to a story in the New York Times about Elizabeth Koch, daughter of billionaire Charles Koch. After suffering considerable personal distress as a result of her extraordinary life circumstances, Koch founded an organization devoted to helping others through “self-investigation.” It looks interesting and good for her. There are many forms of anguish in […]

24 Feb 2023

Wait Till They Get a Load of Me! Substack

I’ve been following the murder trial of South Carolina lawyer, Alex Murdaugh, for a few reasons. The first is that I am riveted by true crime. The second is that there are parallels between this violent crime and the white-collar cases I’ve worked on in crisis management. There are crimes committed by the desperate, and […]

23 Feb 2023

14 Smart Strategies To Proactively Prepare For A PR Crisis Forbes

Read why Anne Marie Malecha tells Forbes if organizations can only do one thing to prepare for a crisis it’s to have a multidisciplinary crisis team at the ready. Read the article

14 Feb 2023

How Sorry Are You? (Not Enough) Substack

I feel like there has been an avalanche of books and articles about how wonderful apologies are, and I’ve taken to hate-reading them because of their sanctimony and self-celebration. My issue is not a personal resistance to apologizing when you’ve done something wrong; it’s the inability to see those apologies in the present tech climate […]

31 Jan 2023

Self-Immunity is the Seed of Scandal Substack

When people find out I’m in the crisis management business, they tend to ask one question: Do the people and institutions that get in trouble admit they did something wrong? The answer, for the most part, is no, sometimes based on the fact that they actually didn’t commit any malfeasance, or the accusations are exaggerated. […]

26 Jan 2023

George Santos and I Go to Wimbledon Substack

George Santos is taking up more space in my head than he should. Elizabeth Holmes had the same effect on me a few years ago. I have a fascination with fabulists, and I’m not sure why. Some of it may be due to being in the crisis management business where lying is the boundary that […]

11 Jan 2023

Villains, Victims and Vindicators in Media Movies Substack

I like movies about journalism because I live these dramas and enjoy comparing what I see on the screen with what I’ve experienced. I just watched She Said about the Harvey Weinstein scandal because I read the book and have worked on #MeToo issues. The movie was based on the book of the same name […]

20 Dec 2022

Elon Musk and Donald Trump: 2 Disrupters Face a Reckoning AP

What Trump and Musk have in common that is now catching up with them is having dealt with the true consequences of failure. Read the article