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07 Jun 2024

Dez Reads. Altman’s AI Ecosystem, Consumer Data Shifts, Mexico’s Historic Election, Nvidia’s Market Triumph, the NBA’s Massive Deal, and Ghosn’s Journey from Versailles to Lebanon. Substack

I suppose we don’t have to talk about Nvidia and Sam Altman every week, but they’re moving markets and driving conversations, so we take a look at both the chipmaker’s $3 trillion market cap and Altman’s web of AI-dependent companies and how they interact with his crown jewel, OpenAI. Annie Moore talks about the pros […]

28 May 2024

The Power of Landscape Analysis in Public Affairs: Understanding the Political and Cultural Factors at Play Substack

Big brands, firms, and political campaigns tend to gravitate towards hiring employees who live around urban centers on the East and West coasts. For years, this has been the trend, bringing jobs and young Americans away from the middle of the country. While there are many logical reasons for this – more college graduates, more […]

24 May 2024

Dez Reads. The Importance of Trash Talk, Dimon Stays Winning, ScarJo’s Voice, Vivek’s Media Gambit and More. Substack

I grew up talking trash to the point that newcomers to my friend group wondered if we secretly hated each other. David Shoemaker’s new book, Wisecracks, suggests that our close-knit group relied on insults and banter to bind us together. The Atlantic’s review leads Dez Reads this week. Beyond that, Anne Marie Malecha looks at […]

17 May 2024

Dez Reads. Scheffler’s Arrest Shocks PGA, Tom Brady’s Roast Regrets, Netflix Secures NFL Rights, AI Regulation Efforts, and Miss USA Controversy. Substack

Welcome to this week’s edition of Dez Reads, where we dissect the latest news in entertainment, business, politics, and culture. In a truly shocking development in the golf world, Scottie Scheffler was arrested this morning, providing us with the dominant social media narrative as we head into a major championship weekend. Always timely, Dez Reads […]

15 May 2024

Bumble’s Fumble and Recovery Substack

Last week, I posted about Bumble Inc.’s bold efforts to rebrand themselves on social media, with an eye on connecting with #exhausted Gen Z daters. The dating app, geared towards empowering women, wiped their social feeds and seemingly got in on the joke about how 20-somethings are swiping left on dating altogether. Fast forward a […]

10 May 2024

Dez Reads. Office Commutes Resurge, Grief Meets AI, Puppy Politics, Zara’s Fashion Makeover, and Climate Financial Risks. Substack

Welcome to Dez Reads, where I curate some quick analysis of the interesting, quirky, and thought-provoking things our staff is reading this week. While there’s a lot of good stuff in this mid-May edition (our people are submitting so much content that I haven’t secured any column space for myself in weeks), I’d like to […]

09 May 2024

Sunlight Reaches the Activist Racket Substack

Corporations and campuses are taking baby steps to stand up to certain forms of activism. There are three reasons for this. Read the substack here

23 Apr 2024

Watcher or Player? The Evolution of Brand Presence on Social Media Substack

Movies like Nerve and Unfriended: Dark Web, depicting the horrors of what anonymous Internet users are capable of and just how dark the dark web can be, peppered the entirety of my college experience. Nerve, starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, came out in 2016 and is one of my favorite movies to this day.   […]

19 Apr 2024

Dez Reads. Caesar Salad Fraud, Nike Design Controversies, Gen-Z Turning to TikTok, the Strong Greenback, and Wife Blaming in the Court of Law Substack

Welcome to Dez Reads, where we examine interesting trends in business, law, human interest, and more – giving you an insight into what Dez staff is reading, discussing, and debating. This week, we’re digging into gastronomical shenanigans in a shocking twist, the world of leafy greens has been rocked by Caesar salad fraud, Nike’s Olympic […]

12 Apr 2024

Dez Reads. Crisis Communications, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bullying in Schools, Castaway Rescue, and the Pencil Economy Substack

Welcome to Dez Reads, where we examine interesting trends in business, law, human interest, and more – giving you an insight into what Dez staff is reading, discussing, and debating. This week, we’re examining the benefits and challenges of aggressive crisis comms; the increasing rates of success in M&A; the harsh realities of bullying in […]