What We Do

Crisis Preparedness & Training

We help our clients develop comprehensive crisis plans that serve as their roadmap to avoid or minimize reputational damage in times of crisis. No two organizations are the same, therefore no two crisis preparedness plans are the same.

Given the speed at which a crisis unfolds, it’s vital for organizations to be prepared for everything from natural disasters and pandemics, to supply chain disruption, to employee and executive misconduct, to political controversy, to activist pressure and boycotts, to regulatory challenges, to cyber and physical security breaches and more. By understanding an organization’s reputation baseline, identifying potential threats, focusing on what’s practical, facilitating decision-making and leadership, we ensure our clients are prepared to tackle whatever comes their way.

A crisis plan is only as good as the crisis team executing it. Knowing how your team reacts under the pressure of crisis is invaluable. Our unique crisis training exercises replicate high-impact situations and take trainees through a challenging and instructive simulation of real-world crisis scenarios. We identify and examine our clients’ strengths, weaknesses and trigger points and collaboratively work to make operational adjustments, so they’re as prepared as possible when the stakes are high, and the crisis is real.

  • Crisis Management & Mitigation
  • Crisis Protocols & Best Practices
  • Executive Advisory
  • Landscape + Risk Analysis
  • Media Training
  • Research & Insights