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24 Aug 2023

Trump and His Allies Learn the Art of the Mug Shot, One Flag Pin and Scowl at a Time The Wall Street Journal

Is there an art to taking a mugshot?  Eric Dezenhall weighs in on mug shots and the message they may send. Read the article

16 Aug 2023

How To Master The Art Of Reputation Management

EVP Anne Marie Malecha in Forbes.  Reputation management is about controlling or shifting perception in a world where perception is at least nine tenths of reality. Given our cultural obsession with judging others’ choices, often by standards we don’t hold ourselves to, reputation management is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the communications field. […]

21 Jul 2023

Companies Are Seeking To Become Our Moral Tutor In The ‘Woke’ Movement, Says Eric Dezenhall

Some companies are going beyond the sweet spot of acceptable engagement on social issues, causing outrage. While sometimes taking stands is helpful, other times consumers do not want corporations to be our moral tutors.

21 Jun 2023

17 Tips For Companies That Choose To Express Support For Social Causes Forbes

In today’s polarized society, companies must think carefully before choosing to go public with a strong political or social message. EVP Anne Marie Malecha offers tip number 2 in Forbes latest list of practical advice.  Read the article

13 Jun 2023

Biden is Determined To Say As Little As Possible About Trump’s Indictment AP

Thirty-seven charges against Trump – many are saying, “they got him now.” Eric Dezenhall isn’t so sure and feels the smarter Dems think it’s smart for Biden to remain quiet. Read the article

25 May 2023

Ron DeSantis, Welcome to the Flub Club

Can’t say it better than our Chairman: “It’s going to be damaging – because people think in symbols,” says Eric Dezenhall, a veteran Washington PR expert whose business is damage control. “Fails are funny, They are considered symbolic of what the person is. And ridicule is more powerful than hate.” Full story here

25 Apr 2023

Biden’s 2024 Campaign Risks Becoming a Meme Explosion Newsweek

President Joe Biden’s bid for re-election raises concerns about how he will navigate social media in a polarized and rightward-shifting landscape, highlighting the importance for candidates to control their message online. As a crisis management firm, we understand the risks of viral moments and memes that can quickly cause a public relations spiral and tarnish […]

13 Mar 2023

Dezenhall Resources Announces Transition Plan

Dezenhall Resources Announces Transition Plan to Next Generation of Partners Sale of firm will finalize in 2028   Washington, D.C. – Dezenhall Resources, Ltd., one of the nation’s leading crisis management firms, today announced an agreement that will lead to a full ownership of the company by partners Anne Marie Malecha and Josh Culling in […]

07 Mar 2023

Internal Leaks: A Corporate Chronic Condition Forbes

Leakers Gonna Leak! Anne Marie Malecha writes in Forbes about the rise of agenda-driven whistleblowers, what organizations can do to prevent leaks, be prepared for when they happen, and how they can manage through and get back to business. Read the article

23 Feb 2023

14 Smart Strategies To Proactively Prepare For A PR Crisis Forbes

Read why Anne Marie Malecha tells Forbes if organizations can only do one thing to prepare for a crisis it’s to have a multidisciplinary crisis team at the ready. Read the article