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19 Nov 2020

Dominion Employees Latest to Face Threats, Harassment in Wake of Trump Conspiracy ABC News

Speaking to ABC News regarding Dominion Voting Systems security concerns in light of Trump’s allegations of fraud, Dezenhall points out the challenges and what the company should do first and foremost in this situation. Read the article

15 Nov 2020

Trump Putting Democracy to the Test After his Loss to Biden AP

With Trump’s continued refusal to accept the election results many, including Obama, have begun to question how top Republicans continue to follow Trump and humor his efforts to discredit the election. So why?  Eric Dezenhall puts forth a solid reason why in the article below. Read the article

10 Nov 2020

Our Take on the 2020 Election Dezenhall

Our take is that by necessity, moderation is back. Moderate policies, moderate rhetoric, and moderate politicians will rule the next few years. Policies will be influenced by centrists working together and trying to get votes from both parties. Washington advocacy groups and special interests will have to adjust accordingly. Businesses that understand the new environment […]

09 Oct 2020

Trump in ‘Fiasco Vortex’ According to Washington Crisis Expert Yahoo News

If you’ve read Eric Dezenhall’s book, Glass Jaw: A Manifesto for Defending Fragile Reputations in an Age of Instant Scandal you know the term, “Fiasco Vortex”.  The coronavirus outbreak has thrust Trump’s presidency into a fiasco vortex says Dezenhall. And all attempts to mitigate the crisis are destroyed with fiasco becoming the only development people […]

25 Aug 2020

16 Business Strategies For Dealing With ‘Fake News’ Forbes

There is a lot of trite (or inadequate) business advice out there, including in this article. However, Dezenhall’s Executive Vice President, Anne Marie Malecha, offers battle-tested counsel that’s at the heart of what helps us win for our clients. Read the article

17 Aug 2020

15 Words Or Phrases That Send The Wrong Message During A Crisis Forbes

Anne Marie Malecha provides a favorite Dezenhall word NOT to use in times of crisis to Forbes on their list of words that send the wrong message during a crisis, read on to find which word. Read the article

13 Jul 2020

Swamp Monsters? Red Tails? Gridlock? What might NFL call DC? AP

On the possible name change for the Washington Redskins, Eric Dezenhall offers a lighthearted kicker, including The Washington Covfefes to AP today. Read the article

06 Jul 2020

Trump’s Leadership is Tested in time of Fear, Pandemic AP

Trump doesn’t know how to pivot?  To Trump, altering direction is weakness, or, as Eric Dezenhall says, “the equivalent of running down Pennsylvania Avenue in high heels and a tutu.” Read the article

13 Jun 2020

Massive Nationwide Protests Are Not The Time To Push Your Brand Business Insider

Civil unrest is NOT a branding opportunity, writes Eric Dezenhall for Business Insider, especially in the wake of tragedy.  Corporations that believe self-serving opinion research risk angering multiple constituencies.  Recall the 2017 Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner, where she hands a cop a Pepsi while being cheered on. The commercial was pulled as it was […]

21 May 2020

Chronicle of a Pandemic Foretold: Learning From the COVID-19 Failure—Before the Next Outbreak Arrives Foreign Affairs Magazine

Having seen first-hand for many years how business leaders and policymakers act in crisis — or in the case of COVID-19 don’t act — Foreign Affairs quotes Eric Dezenhall.  Dezenhall states that the problem is structural and what behavioral economists call “hyperbolic discounting” – opting for the short-term rewards of doing nothing over the long-term […]