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27 Feb 2024

Crisis Communication and the Legal Department The Legal Department

Surviving a crisis is all about internal alignment, communication protocols, and self-care. Our CEO, Anne Marie Malecha, joined Stacy Bratcher on the Legal Department podcast to discuss the importance of adapting to the evolving media scene and collaborating with legal teams. Clear objectives, early communication, and a strong crisis team are key.

26 Feb 2024

Dezenhall Resources Hires Colby Nelson Politico

Colby Nelson joins Dezenhall Resources as VP. He was previously senior external relations director at AARP. At AARP, he built their issues management practice and led earned media efforts. He brings with him valuable experience managing internal communications for a large organization like AARP, a growing need for a lot of businesses and organizations facing […]

20 Feb 2024

Celebrating Journalism and Democracy with the National Press Foundation Dez News

        One of my favorite classes at the University of Minnesota was an elective journalism law and ethics course. Ironically, I never wanted to be a journalist in the trenches of reporting the news, but I always knew the news was important and had a deep respect for The First Amendment and […]

11 Jan 2024

A Career ‘Death Watch’ For Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun Is Not The Answer, Says Eric Dezenhall CNBC

Eric Dezenhall was on Squawk Box to discuss the reputation and credibility of Boeing in light of the latest Being 737 Max-9 issues.  Watch the clip below.

20 Dec 2023

36 Years Strong: Dezenhall’s Continuous Innovation and Growth

  Dear friends, As our firm closes out its 36th year in business, I find myself reflecting even more than normal on not only the successes and challenges of the last 12 months, but on the entirety of Dezenhall Resources’ existence. The media, crisis and political landscape has evolved so drastically over the past four […]

24 Aug 2023

Trump and His Allies Learn the Art of the Mug Shot, One Flag Pin and Scowl at a Time The Wall Street Journal

Is there an art to taking a mugshot?  Eric Dezenhall weighs in on mug shots and the message they may send. Read the article

16 Aug 2023

How To Master The Art Of Reputation Management

EVP Anne Marie Malecha in Forbes.  Reputation management is about controlling or shifting perception in a world where perception is at least nine tenths of reality. Given our cultural obsession with judging others’ choices, often by standards we don’t hold ourselves to, reputation management is one of the fastest growing disciplines in the communications field. […]

21 Jul 2023

Companies Are Seeking To Become Our Moral Tutor In The ‘Woke’ Movement, Says Eric Dezenhall

Some companies are going beyond the sweet spot of acceptable engagement on social issues, causing outrage. While sometimes taking stands is helpful, other times consumers do not want corporations to be our moral tutors.

21 Jun 2023

17 Tips For Companies That Choose To Express Support For Social Causes Forbes

In today’s polarized society, companies must think carefully before choosing to go public with a strong political or social message. EVP Anne Marie Malecha offers tip number 2 in Forbes latest list of practical advice.  Read the article

13 Jun 2023

Biden is Determined To Say As Little As Possible About Trump’s Indictment AP

Thirty-seven charges against Trump – many are saying, “they got him now.” Eric Dezenhall isn’t so sure and feels the smarter Dems think it’s smart for Biden to remain quiet. Read the article