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26 Oct 2022

Ye expressed ‘entire portfolio of thought’ that can’t be explained away, says Eric Dezenhall CNBC

Eric Dezenhall on Squawkbox this morning: You cannot advise people like Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, whether they are mentally ill or otherwise because their life experience has taught them they are right. Big companies are not set up to manage situations like this, so they have little choice but to bounce the troublemaker. […]

27 Jul 2022

Hulu changes policy, will begin accepting issue ads, says Axios’ Sara Fischer

Eric Dezenhall spoke to Squawk Box today about the controversial Hulu issue advertising policies. Watch the clip:

18 May 2022

14 Tips For Navigating Corporate Crisis Communications In 2022 Forbes

If an organization finds itself embroiled in a crisis, it’s critical to properly diagnose the crises before launching your communications plan, Dezenhall’s Anne Marie Malecha tells Forbes. Read the article

09 May 2022

Court Leak Is Catnip For Those Who Love A Juicy DC Whodunit Star Tribune

“You have to promise not to tell anyone” is the beginning of the end of leak anonymity, says Eric Dezenhall to the Star Tribune on DC’s latest leak. Read More

25 Apr 2022

16 Of The Biggest Faux Pas Companies Can Make On Social Media Forbes

Marketers love social media, but it can be an organization’s Achilles heel in a crisis. More from Anne Marie Malecha in Forbes. Read the article

06 Jan 2022

Corporations Donated Millions to Lawmakers Who Voted to Overturn Election Results The New York Times

Asked to comment on political donations to lawmakers who voted against certifying the 2020 election, Eric Dezenhall told the New York Times that heavily regulated corporations need to be able to defend themselves from multiple threats and need congressional support. Read the article

05 Dec 2021

The Media Stonewalls on the Steele Dossier The Wall Street Journal

An oped Eric Dezenhall wrote for the Wall Street Journal about media behavior when they get nicked for peddling misinformation. Read the article

27 Aug 2021

14 Ways To Measure The Impact Of A Company’s Crisis Response Forbes

Offering the Dezenhall take, Anne Marie Malecha provides to Forbes her insight into how to measure the impact of a crisis response. Read the article

15 Jul 2021

Meyer Lansky and the Perfect Capitalist Myth RealClear Markets

The new movie about Meyer Lansky, “Lansky,” tackles the man as a myth and meme of capitalism. This approach piqued my curiosity as fake news about him has swirled for years, and as the author of a book on Lansky, I separate fact from fiction. Read the article

09 Mar 2021

Cuomo’s Uphill Battle RealClear Politics

People survive scandals when we want them to. Commentary by Eric Dezenhall. Read the article