What We Do

Digital & Social Media Strategy

We are living in a digital world. Organizations that ignore the digital space ignore consumers, influencers and potential allies. Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. creates strategic digital campaigns that allow our clients to bypass the often-biased filter of the media and speak directly to consumers and supporters.

Our marketplace defense-focused approach is grounded in an understanding of how social media and digital applications apply to clients that are under scrutiny or embarking on a comprehensive issues management and advocacy initiative, and what is needed to communicate – or hold fire – in a hostile environment.

When it comes to crises, those that fail to consider their social media presence and standard practices while in a crisis can end up perpetuating their own challenge. Social media can be a useful tool, if considered strategically and proportionally within a broader crisis management effort. We help our clients engage in smart, laser-focused social media practices that move to mitigate their challenge so they can get back to business.

  • Crisis Management + Mitigation
  • Design + Creative
  • Digital Advertising
  • Media Relations + Rapid Response
  • Paid Media
  • War Room Command + Control