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23 Apr 2024

Watcher or Player? The Evolution of Brand Presence on Social Media Substack

Movies like Nerve and Unfriended: Dark Web, depicting the horrors of what anonymous Internet users are capable of and just how dark the dark web can be, peppered the entirety of my college experience. Nerve, starring Emma Roberts and Dave Franco, came out in 2016 and is one of my favorite movies to this day.   […]

19 Apr 2024

Dez Reads. Caesar Salad Fraud, Nike Design Controversies, Gen-Z Turning to TikTok, the Strong Greenback, and Wife Blaming in the Court of Law Substack

Welcome to Dez Reads, where we examine interesting trends in business, law, human interest, and more – giving you an insight into what Dez staff is reading, discussing, and debating. This week, we’re digging into gastronomical shenanigans in a shocking twist, the world of leafy greens has been rocked by Caesar salad fraud, Nike’s Olympic […]

12 Apr 2024

Dez Reads. Crisis Communications, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bullying in Schools, Castaway Rescue, and the Pencil Economy Substack

Welcome to Dez Reads, where we examine interesting trends in business, law, human interest, and more – giving you an insight into what Dez staff is reading, discussing, and debating. This week, we’re examining the benefits and challenges of aggressive crisis comms; the increasing rates of success in M&A; the harsh realities of bullying in […]

09 Apr 2024

If You Don’t Like it, Is it “Disinformation”? Substack

Americans have never been more united on one issue: Disinformation and illicit spin are messing with public opinion. In other words, people believe what they believe only because they are being fooled. At root here is the idea that one’s enemies are uniquely pernicious — and powerful. Read the Substack

05 Apr 2024

Dez Reads. The Great Yogurt Caper, Office Spaces Emptying Out, YouTube’s Attention Span Challenge, Eclipse Mania, and the Beat Goes On in Music Revenue Substack

Welcome to Dez Reads, where we dissect the fascinating intersections of business, entertainment, science, and more. This week, we’re diving into a yogurt heist that reads like a crime thriller, highlighting the vulnerabilities in the logistics sector and freight fraud’s costly toll. On the business front, office vacancies are hitting record highs. Entertainment brings us […]

22 Mar 2024

Dez Reads. Reddit’s Remarkable ROI, Free Speech Frontlines, Gen Z’s Political Discontent, Facebook’s AI Fiasco, Royal Rumors Unraveled, and the Ohtani Scandal Substack

Welcome to Dez Reads, where we explore the latest in finance, law, technology, culture, politics, and sports upheavals. This week spotlights Conde Nast’s surprising windfall from Reddit’s IPO and delves into the free speech battles on social media platforms. We explore the rising tide of AI-generated spam on Facebook and the cultural ripples from ongoing […]

15 Mar 2024

Dez Reads. TikTok’s Financial Struggles, Tech’s Political Tangles, The Final Curtain for ‘Curb’, Ad World’s New Reality, Tesla’s Tragic Lesson, and Beyond. Substack

Welcome to this week’s Dez Reads, where we dissect the nuanced dynamics of today’s headlines and hidden stories. From TikTok’s financial turmoil amidst potential U.S. bans to the political minefield tech companies navigate in Washington, we’re covering the complex interplay of technology and governance. In entertainment, we reflect on the end of an era with […]

13 Mar 2024

The Princess and the Pigeon Tunnel Substack

  In my 2022 novel False Light, I dealt with the issue of altered audio-visual imagery in the service of a bad guy’s destruction. A real-world variation of this theme surfaced this week when the Princess of Wales apologized for editing photos of herself posing with her kids. This is an example of how a […]

11 Mar 2024

Motorsport Missteps: Formula 1, Red Bull Racing and Christian Horner – Could a Reckoning be on the Horizon? Substack

Important note to the reader. This review includes the sensitive and serious subject matter of inappropriate workplace behavior. I am approaching this analysis from the clinical perspective of a crisis management practitioner on the handling of the public response, not the merits of the case or complaint itself, as I have no direct knowledge of […]

08 Mar 2024

Dez Reads. The Value of Dog Walks, Billy Joel’s AI Innovation, a Historic Moon Landing, Netflix’s Boxing Bet, and much more. Substack

Welcome to this week’s edition of Dez Reads, where we delve into the subtleties of everyday life, from the joy and duty of dog ownership to the pioneering junction of technology and music and the significant strides in space exploration. But there’s more – discover Dublin, Ohio’s ingenious marketing charm, the pressing environmental and political […]