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30 Jul 2014

Will A Rebrand of Malaysia Airlines Help Turn It Around? International Business Times

17 Jul 2014

MH17 Crisis Response: Has Malaysia Airlines Learned From MH370 Disaster? International Business Times

16 Jun 2014

A Disastrous Void: Why The MH370 Public Response Failed International Business Times

Dezenhall points out some common PR misconceptions. He then goes on to break down how flight MH370 was handled and why no news is often better than acting on news that may or may not be true.

04 Apr 2014

Mozilla’s Brendan Eich: Persecutor Or Persecuted? Forbes

Eric Dezenhall speaks about Mozilla’s former CEO, Brendan Eich and how his conservative political views cost him his career. Dezenhall explains why similar situations with other companies have resulted differently.

02 Apr 2014

On the hot seat: GM’s Barra deflects the hard questions. Columbia Daily Tribune

While some question General Motors CEO Marry Barra’s “rope-a-dope” method of responding to the public, Eric Dezenhall tells us why it was the smart thing to do.

02 Apr 2014

Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich Steps Down The Wall Street Journal

Eric Dezenhall is asked his thoughts on reputation-management as Mozilla CEO steps down for extremely conservative political views. He states that often he’s asked to help soften the CEO’s public stand.

13 Feb 2014

Obamacare Damage-Control Teams Seek to Calm Complaints Bloomberg

Eric Dezenhall states that a quick response from the Obamacare damage-control team could make a big difference. He mentions how detrimental the Internet/social media can be when used by motivated adversaries.

14 Jan 2014

New Jersey Gov. Christie to Address Scandals and Issues Facing State KPLR 11

Eric Dezenhall tells CNN that Gov. Christie has already said all that he can say. What will be important going forward is clearing up any connection he may have to causing the gridlock on the George Washington Bridge.

30 Dec 2013

Don’t Judge Target Yet: Pro CNBC

11 Dec 2013

Nigella Lawson: Another Chef Lands in the Soup The New York Times