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20 Apr 2016

Wall Street’s Image Problem CNBC

CNBC asks Eric Dezenhall if Wall Street needs to rebrand its image after the primary voting exit polls in New York revealed that many Democrats and Republicans agreed Wall Street hurts the economy more than helps. Watch the video or read the article from the CNBC website

29 Jan 2016

In 2016, the messenger trumps the message The Hill

The campaigns run by both Trump and Sanders are surprisingly successful, says, Steven Schlein, Senior Vice President because the lines on the chart of destiny are meeting and all they have to do is be themselves and seize the zeitgeist. Read the full article  

14 Dec 2015

Chipotle is stuck in a ‘fiasco vortex’ CNBC

Chipotle is the latest company caught in the fiasco vortex. CNBC ran my commentary piece in which I discuss that when the allegations are severe enough such as they are with Chipotle (E. Coli and norovirus), and you add to this both old and new media hammering them with “volume, velocity and venom,” companies have […]

06 Nov 2015

Here’s Why Ben Carson Can Survive His Current Crisis The Fiscal Times

The Fiscal Times asked Dezenhall if he thought Ben Carson would survive, after being on top, the scandal about his characterization of a West Point Scholarship. Dezenhall states, “This is a strange election season in that the old rules of thumb go right out the window when the electorate’s primarily goal is to express anger, […]

14 Sep 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Foggy Mountain Breakdown Huffington Post

The Clinton email crisis is two-fold: bad facts and prior Clinton scandals. It’s not about the mishandling of damage control, which he feels is a diagnostic error for which pundits cite the “bungling” of the “handling” as the key reason for the mess.

11 Jun 2015

Sharing Good News About Bad News Huffington Post

In Dezenhall’s latest piece, he discusses how scandal targets need only to fit the archetype regardless if the allegations being batted around are true.

20 May 2015

The Pats Pick Best of Their Bad Options Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall’s view on why the New England Patriots are not fighting the NFL sanctions and why he agrees with Robert Kraft’s decision in this matter.

04 Nov 2014

Crisis and Context for Virgin Galactic Eric Dezenhall

Richard Branson had it right when he complained about people who knew nothing about the crash of SpaceShipTwo diving in front of cameras to analyze what must have gone wrong in the Mojave Desert. Welcome, Sir Richard, to the “Fiasco Vortex,” a concept I write about in my new book, Glass Jaw: A Manifesto for […]