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14 Aug 2017

The Backlash to Trump’s Response to White Supremacists is Telling CNBC

President Trump’s initial reaction to the horror in Charlottesville violated the principle that the President should be a healer-in-chief during times of crisis. Read the article

31 May 2017

Shaking Up His Communications Staff Won’t Solve Trump’s Biggest Problems Washington Examiner

The blaming, firing and resigning of communications people in the White House won’t solve the problems of Russia or knock out the impeachment chatter. Especially when the problems have been created by President Trump himself. Taking blame for things beyond your control has become a job requirement for today’s communications pros. Read the full article

01 Feb 2017

How CEOs Can Tame Trump and Protect Your Investments MarketWatch

Read why Eric Dezenhall states to MarketWatch that companies pushed back on Trump’s travel restrictions but have stayed largely silent on other issues. Read full article

13 Jan 2017

Corporations Can Learn From How Trump Handles Critics O'Dwyer's

Dezenhall Executive Vice President Steven Schlein says corporate America can learn from Donald Trump about how to manage critics. Read full article

04 Jan 2017

How Do Corporations Handle Trump’s Tweets? MSNBC

Eric Dezenhall joins Chuck Todd on Meet The Press Daily to discuss the options that companies have when they are under attack by President-elect Trump on Twitter. Watch the video

04 Jan 2017

‘Obama Out’: President ending reign as pop culture king AP

Eric Dezenhall quoted in AP story on the downside of Obama’s domination of pop-culture. Read the article 

12 Dec 2016

Yikes! Most CEOs aren’t prepared for Trump’s guerrilla-style attacks CNBC

What does big business hate? Controversy. In his latest piece, Dezenhall articulates his thoughts on how corporate America will handle being singled out by President/ President-elect Trump. Read the full article

15 Oct 2016

In Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ run, reality wasn’t what it seemed AP

Dezenhall quoted in AP story on Donald Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice,” which served as his training ground for His campaign.  Dezenhall says Trump was adept at two skills necessary to succeed on TV. Read the full article

09 Feb 2016


Listen to Eric and Rachel Marsden discuss the current crop of candidates for the 2016 Presidential campaign and crisis management. Eric states that “everything we believe to be true is turned upside down.” On the GOP side, Eric is astonished by the Republicans who have not found a way to attack Trump, and on the […]