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14 Sep 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Foggy Mountain Breakdown Huffington Post

The Clinton email crisis is two-fold: bad facts and prior Clinton scandals. It’s not about the mishandling of damage control, which he feels is a diagnostic error for which pundits cite the “bungling” of the “handling” as the key reason for the mess.

08 Jul 2015

Put in an Impossible Position, Subway Is Navigating It as Well as Possible, Experts Say AdWeek

Dezenhall quoted in AdWeek  regarding the scandal involving Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle.

15 Jun 2015

Rachel Dolezal and Scandals of Schtick Huffington Post

Review Eric Dezenhall’s latest piece in which he discusses, using recent examples (Rachel Dolezal, Brian Williams, Sen. Elizabeth Warren), what happens to those with “narcissistic investments” in certain identities.

11 Jun 2015

Sharing Good News About Bad News Huffington Post

In Dezenhall’s latest piece, he discusses how scandal targets need only to fit the archetype regardless if the allegations being batted around are true.

28 Jan 2015

What time is the Super Bowl? Josh Culling

Even if you are currently under a rock, by now you’re aware of the controversy surrounding the New England Patriots’ alleged deflating of footballs to gain an edge in the AFC Championship Game. The coverage of “Deflate-gate” has been ubiquitous and hysterical. A Google News search for “NFL Deflate gate” turns up 73 pages of […]

13 Jan 2015

Media Complicit in Manufacturing Political Crises Aaron Saunders

The old adage goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” While the saying rings true, it often provides justification for a preordained conclusion. However, when crisis strikes – particularly political “scandals” – there is often nothing more fueling it than a smoke machine.