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19 Aug 2016

Crisis Manager Weighs In On Ryan Lochte’s Situation WBZ News Radio 1030

WBZ Radio featured Eric Dezenhall to discuss Ryan Lochte and the apology he released after claiming he was robbed at gunpoint. Eric states that apologies made during a crisis are always declared mismanaged by the media. Talking is what got Lochte into trouble and more talking is not the answer.

14 Dec 2015

Chipotle Mexican Grill – Caught in the “Fiasco Vortex” Aaron Walker and Stephanie Allen

America’s fast food darling, Chipotle Mexican Grill, is caught in America’s crisis du jour as the result of food contamination issues linked to hundreds of sick customers across 10 states. Chipotle is caught squarely in the “Fiasco Vortex” and rather than seeking to “come out ahead,” the company should be squarely focused on fixing operational […]

14 Sep 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Foggy Mountain Breakdown Huffington Post

The Clinton email crisis is two-fold: bad facts and prior Clinton scandals. It’s not about the mishandling of damage control, which he feels is a diagnostic error for which pundits cite the “bungling” of the “handling” as the key reason for the mess.

13 Jan 2015

Media Complicit in Manufacturing Political Crises Aaron Saunders

The old adage goes, “Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.” While the saying rings true, it often provides justification for a preordained conclusion. However, when crisis strikes – particularly political “scandals” – there is often nothing more fueling it than a smoke machine.