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06 Apr 2017

At Fox News, a wall of silence surrounds Bill O’Reilly The Washington Post

The Dezenhall viewpoint on the scandal involving Bill O’Reilly and Fox News is that silence is the least bad option given the handful of variables we just don’t know about. “There is rarely a correlation between the greater quantity of communication and vindication.” Glass Jaw Read full article

06 Apr 2017

Kendall Jenner: Is she ‘complicit’ or not in Pepsi ad fiasco? USA Today

Pulled Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner is not a serious setback for her says Eric Dezenhall. Her brand is visibility and her job is to show up and look good. Nobody expects anything else from her. Read full article

23 Mar 2017

VIDEO – Dezenhall speaks at George Mason University

March 2017 WATCH the first fifteen minutes of  Eric Dezenhall’s keynote address on character assassination and reputational politics at George Mason University. He explained to the audience that his job as a crisis management professional is to define realistic objectives and why reputational attacks are on the rise. Please watch in full-screen mode

21 Feb 2017

Biglaw Hacked: The Crisis Is Coming Morning Consult

In Morning Consult, Sam Jefferies examines recent revelations over data breaches at major law firms and the crisis response demanded for an industry that sells confidentiality as a core service. Read Full Article

13 Feb 2017

President Trump’s Tweets Have Companies Playing Defense The Wall Street Journal

Corporations, says Eric Dezenhall, must prepare how to handle a public attack from Trump in this recent Wall Street Journal story. Read the full article

01 Feb 2017

How CEOs Can Tame Trump and Protect Your Investments MarketWatch

Read why Eric Dezenhall states to MarketWatch that companies pushed back on Trump’s travel restrictions but have stayed largely silent on other issues. Read full article

23 Jan 2017

Trump’s Attacks on Outsourcing Put Companies on Guard The Wall Street Journal

Eric Dezenhall quoted in Wall Street Journal on companies that are not ready for Trump attacks on offshoring. Read the full article

13 Jan 2017

Corporations Can Learn From How Trump Handles Critics O'Dwyer's

Dezenhall Executive Vice President Steven Schlein says corporate America can learn from Donald Trump about how to manage critics. Read full article

13 Jan 2017

The Scandal Videos That Weren’t The Huffington Post

Voracious consumers of scandal need to know that hotly rumored “telltale optics” rarely lead anywhere. The recent leaking of a Russian intelligence memo to Buzzfeed purporting President-elect Trump observing lurid acts at a Moscow hotel is what Eric Dezenhall calls the oldest and cheapest dirty trick in the book. Read the article

04 Jan 2017

How Do Corporations Handle Trump’s Tweets? MSNBC

Eric Dezenhall joins Chuck Todd on Meet The Press Daily to discuss the options that companies have when they are under attack by President-elect Trump on Twitter. Watch the video