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12 Apr 2019

Create a Crisis, Capture a Unicorn The New York Times

Veteran New York Times journalist John Schwartz and Eric Dezenhall are conspiring to become wickedly rich by becoming disruptors in the crisis management industry – they want to be known as the Uber or AirBnB of Crisis Creation.  And, yes, they’re joking. Read the article

21 Mar 2019

Trump’s Frequent & Erratic Tweeting Has Apparently Defanged His Twitter Account The Week

Trumps tweets are not proving to have long-term damages to corporate brands, they are now just proving to be fleeting annoyances. Read the full article

13 Mar 2019

How Boeing Should Respond to the Ethiopian Airlines Crash CNBC

Boeing needs to choose the best of its bad options in order to keep the airlines and the governments with them in order to survive.  They have made a decision – with the help of the FAA – that because the aircraft is safe, they will prove it in everyday use in the U.S. first. […]

05 Feb 2019

‘I Was Young’ Isn’t an Excuse: Business Leaders Need to Revisit Yearbooks Wall Street Journal

Anyone in a high profile job should conduct ‘opposition analysis’ on themselves to see if damaging pre-digital era images could come to light. Read the full story

07 Nov 2018

Midterm Election Analysis: New Threats and Opportunities Dezenhall Staff

Following Tuesday’s midterm elections, we are dealing with a new political reality in Washington DC. Divided government will lead to legislative gridlock, but Democrats will use every tool at their disposal to hold the Trump Administration accountable and promote agenda. Control of the House gives Democrats the power to block legislation, conduct investigations, hold made-for-TV […]

18 Oct 2018

Agency Pros Weigh In On Nike’s Controversial Kaepernick Campaign Forbes

Some called Nike’s Colin Kaepernick campaign controversial. Dezenhall’s Anne Marie Malecha argues that Nike carefully considered the potential backlash, understood consumer trends and ultimately avoided a reputational crisis. Read the full article

03 Oct 2018

Crisis Management in Kavanaugh Battle Fox News

Dana Perino had Eric Dezenhall on The Daily Briefing where they discuss high-stakes battles and Dezenhall’s new book, Best of Enemies. View the episode 

28 Sep 2018

13 Do’s And Don’ts For Handling A PR Crisis Over Unethical Leader Behavior Forbes

What do you do when someone who publicly represents a brand makes a gross misstep in the eyes of consumers?  Don’t overpromise and underdeliver says Anne Marie Malecha to Forbes.  This creates a second round of bad press. To read more of what Anne Marie says and other contributors read the full article.

10 Sep 2018

CBS has ‘gold-standard’ crisis management people, says expert CNBC

Eric Dezenhall, discusses how CBS is handling the allegations of sexual misconduct by CEO Les Moonves on Squawk Box. Watch the video clip here

27 Aug 2018

7 Habits Of Successful Crisis Management: Aligning Sales And Marketing In The Storm Forbes

Nearly all organizations face crisis, Anne Marie Malecha offers provides practical insight to @Forbes as to what it takes to weather a storm and get back to business. Read the full article