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12 Jun 2017

Why Mixing Politics and Business Won’t End Well for Your Company Inc.

Dezenhall’s Sam Jefferies weighs in for Inc. Magazine on why companies should start upholding the separation of corporation and state. Read the full article

05 Jun 2017

Uber Looks To Calm Outrage After Surge Pricing During London Attacks International Business Times

The negative backlash on social media to Uber’s surge pricing during the London Bridge attack is PR problem with an operational solution says Eric Dezenhall. Read the article on what Dezenhall thinks Uber should do in the future to address these types of problems. Read the full article

31 May 2017

Shaking Up His Communications Staff Won’t Solve Trump’s Biggest Problems Washington Examiner

The blaming, firing and resigning of communications people in the White House won’t solve the problems of Russia or knock out the impeachment chatter. Especially when the problems have been created by President Trump himself. Taking blame for things beyond your control has become a job requirement for today’s communications pros. Read the full article

31 May 2017

You’re Going to Be Hacked. Here’s How to Tell Everyone Without Destroying Your Company Inc. Magazine

Dezenhall’s Sam Jefferies weighs in on the latest ransomware hacks and the response demanded by small businesses and start ups in the global cybersecurity arms race. Read the full article

19 Apr 2017

What’s Bill O’Reilly’s Next Move? The Hollywood Reporter

Eric Dezenhall tells The Hollywood Reporter what he believes will be Bill O’Reilly’s approach to handling his sexual harassment scandal. Read the full article

12 Apr 2017

Here’s the one thing United CEO Oscar Munoz should not do CNBC

Commentary on petition to remove United CEO Oscar Munoz is just a stunt and bad for putting the company back on track. Read the full article

11 Apr 2017

WTOP Radio – O’Reilly Scandal

Listen to Eric Dezenhall’s interview on WTOP on the O’Reilly scandal.

08 Apr 2017

How VW fared with its no-apology ads Automotive News

Apologies mark the beginning of recovery, not the conclusion states Eric Dezenhall in his book, Glass Jaw. This remains true for VW and in this latest interview with Automotive News, Dezenhall says that the general perception out there is that an apology should do more than it actually does. Read full article

06 Apr 2017

At Fox News, a wall of silence surrounds Bill O’Reilly The Washington Post

The Dezenhall viewpoint on the scandal involving Bill O’Reilly and Fox News is that silence is the least bad option given the handful of variables we just don’t know about. “There is rarely a correlation between the greater quantity of communication and vindication.” Glass Jaw Read full article

06 Apr 2017

Kendall Jenner: Is she ‘complicit’ or not in Pepsi ad fiasco? USA Today

Pulled Pepsi ad featuring Kendall Jenner is not a serious setback for her says Eric Dezenhall. Her brand is visibility and her job is to show up and look good. Nobody expects anything else from her. Read full article