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13 Dec 2017

When taking a beating is part of the job

The job of corporate spokesperson can be likened to facing a firing squad–so why do it? Steven Schlein gives insight into the personality needed to take hits day in and day out and how this job has just gotten tougher. Click for original story A spokesperson can feel like he or she is in front […]

08 Dec 2017

Why Crisis PR Faces a Crisis PR News

“Crisis management is at a crossroads” states Eric Dezenhall as he reflects on the past thirty years in what used to be called an offbeat business. Read the article

04 Dec 2017

Technology Failure of the Year: Equifax CIO Dive

Equifax wins biggest tech fail of 2017 not just because of its massive security breach but because of its public response. “Fire the CEO” is the default strategy states Eric Dezenhall on their response. Read full article

27 Nov 2017

VIDEO: Dezenhall Tells Bernardo’s Story

With Congress debating the fate of 700,000 undocumented immigrants brought to America illegally as young children, Dezenhall contextualizes the debate through the eyes of Bernardo Castro, a “Dreamer” living in Utah. Tasked with convincing conservative voters and their elected officials to support a permanent fix for young undocumented immigrants known as “Dreamers,” Dezenhall launched an […]

13 Oct 2017

Where Do All the Disgraced CEO’s Go?

As more C.E.O.s are fired, the New York Times’ John Schwartz asks the question, where do they go and is there a secret island? To get help with this question he came to Eric Dezenhall for his expertise in this matter. Read the full article

15 Sep 2017

Jeff Sonnenfeld on Equifax breach: This is a management failure CNBC

The job in crisis management is to figure out what can be fixed in order to get back to business. Watch Eric on CNBC discuss the two things he thinks Equifax needs to do in light of this breach and it starts with fixing their website. Watch the video

21 Aug 2017

Trump and the CEOs: Behind the Collapse of an Uneasy Alliance The Wall Street Journal

Eric Dezenhall quoted on the perilous relationship between the President and the CEO’s of America’s top companies. Read the article

16 Aug 2017

Trump Has Stamped the Passport of Corporations into the World of Race:… CNBC

Racial issues are the “cyanide pill of crisis management.” Nobody gets out of racial controversies in good shape. Consumer-oriented industries are at greater risk than heavy industry to scrutiny over their support of Trump. Watch the video

14 Aug 2017

The Backlash to Trump’s Response to White Supremacists is Telling CNBC

President Trump’s initial reaction to the horror in Charlottesville violated the principle that the President should be a healer-in-chief during times of crisis. Read the article

10 Aug 2017

Confronting Disruptors – One Marketplace Assault At A Time Forbes

Few adversaries are more motivated than a competitor. Blue Apron finds itself in a classic marketplace defense scenario and the latest victim of Amazon. While Amazon is a behemoth to go up against, Blue Apron can and should fight back. Read the article