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09 Oct 2014

Beware the angry birds The Economist

09 Oct 2014

Spin is Overrated: Crisis Communications for Members of Congress Roll Call (blog)

Roll Call caught up with Eric Dezenhall to discuss how members of Congress (and staff) can better protect their reputations.

08 Oct 2014

Pharmalot, Pharmalittle: We’re Reading About Allergan, Ebola and… Wall Street Journal (blog)

Eric Dezenhall’s remarks on the CDC’s tarnished image.

07 Oct 2014

CDC Faces Yet Another Problem: A Tarnished Image MedPage Today

Eric Dezenhall responds how the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) can enhance their tarnished image.

07 Oct 2014

PR Wizard Eric Dezenhall On Dealing With Scandal Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall joins HuffPost Live to discuss his new book, Glass Jaw on how to survive scandal.

06 Oct 2014

Note to Mary Barra: GM’s Recalls Aren’t Just a PR Problem Businessweek

Eric Dezenhall points out that GM CEO, Mary Barra should look to Apple CEO, Tim Cook and his handling of a recent crisis with one of their suppliers. Dezenhall also makes the point that Apple makes a product everyone loves and therefore can take a punch.

05 Oct 2014

Obama Tries to Change the Subject Bloomberg

As Obama tries to shift focus onto an improving economy Dezenhall points out that “you can’t change the subject when people don’t want to.”

01 Oct 2014

Obama Political Reset: Focus Elections on the Economy Businessweek

13 Sep 2014

Stars get trolled when they play pundits Detroit Free Oress

In an interview about start who play pundits Dezenhall says entertainers have the right to free speech, but they don’t have the right to be taken seriously.”

21 Aug 2014

‘Hercules’ actor’s rant on Ferguson raises eyebrows

Dezenhall interviewed about the blunt opinion expressed by Kevin Sorbo’s on social media and if he can recover.