Dez Reads. Crisis Communications, Mergers & Acquisitions, Bullying in Schools, Castaway Rescue, and the Pencil Economy


Welcome to Dez Reads, where we examine interesting trends in business, law, human interest, and more – giving you an insight into what Dez staff is reading, discussing, and debating.

This week, we’re examining the benefits and challenges of aggressive crisis comms; the increasing rates of success in M&A; the harsh realities of bullying in schools; a dramatic rescue of three fishermen, leading to an unexpected family reunion in Micronesia; and a K-12 trend in which old fashioned pencils have become a coveted currency among kids, transforming schoolyard trades into a bustling pencil economy.

Each read provides a unique perspective on the challenges and transformations shaping public opinion and our daily media news cycles. Let’s dive into this week’s stories.

Here we go.

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