What We Do

Grassroots & Grasstops Influencer

Crafting compelling messages is the first step in building a winning campaign, but a good message is ineffective if you’re not deploying it credibly. By identifying, educating and mobilizing sympathetic third-party voices, we inject our clients’ point of view into media coverage, negotiations between decision makers and the consciousness of the general public. We employ a combination of influencer support from the top down and the bottom on.

Grasstops influencers are essential to successful advocacy efforts. Influencers such as community leaders, small business owners, former and current elected and appointed officials, and others expand and personalize your cause with the decision makers that can swing an issue in your favor.

Grassroots advocacy is often indispensable in pushing back against your detractors. We deploy boots on the ground at the local, state and regional levels to activate champions and create a groundswell of community support.

  • Coalition Building
  • Design + Creative
  • Digital + Social Media Strategy
  • Media Relations + Rapid Response
  • Research + Insights
  • Paid Media