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05 Dec 2021

The Media Stonewalls on the Steele Dossier The Wall Street Journal

An oped Eric Dezenhall wrote for the Wall Street Journal about media behavior when they get nicked for peddling misinformation. Read the article

27 Aug 2021

14 Ways To Measure The Impact Of A Company’s Crisis Response Forbes

Offering the Dezenhall take, Anne Marie Malecha provides to Forbes her insight into how to measure the impact of a crisis response. Read the article

15 Jul 2021

Meyer Lansky and the Perfect Capitalist Myth RealClear Markets

The new movie about Meyer Lansky, “Lansky,” tackles the man as a myth and meme of capitalism. This approach piqued my curiosity as fake news about him has swirled for years, and as the author of a book on Lansky, I separate fact from fiction. Read the article

09 Mar 2021

Cuomo’s Uphill Battle RealClear Politics

People survive scandals when we want them to. Commentary by Eric Dezenhall. Read the article

08 Mar 2021

How Ralph Northam Paved the Way for Andrew Cuomo to Keep Office Washington Examiner

Eric Dezenhall did an interview explaining that the old playbook of falling on the sword amidst scandal is not a reliable standard as is evidenced by Governor Northam who fought back and survived. Read the article

16 Feb 2021

Character Assassination Ruins The Little People Too The New York Daily News

In his latest piece, Eric Dezenhall dives into character assassination and what he perceives to be problems surrounding “cancel culture” and its lasting implications Read the article

15 Jan 2021

Building & Protecting Your Digital Presence During the COVID-19 Pandemic GoodFirms

Your firm’s online reputation is a strategic endeavor that any business with an online appearance should be reviewing, says Anne Marie Malecha to GoodFirms. Having a positive digital reputation baseline will help clients weather crises. Read this article for more insights into building and protecting your digital online reputation.

14 Jan 2021

Why Fake News is Here to Stay The Washington Times

Character assassination, writes Eric Dezenhall, author of the new novel, False Light (available February 2021) and CEO of Dezenhall, is the weapon of our age; the only things that have changed since the times of our barbaric ancestors are the technologies of attack and the false belief that we’re more advanced than they were. Read the article

08 Jan 2021

Shame On PR Firms That Dump Their Fossil Fuel Clients Real Clear Markets

It’s a low-blow to a client in crisis, a client whose industry is being vilified that you drop them -after taking their money for years- due to mounting activist group pressure. Writing a stinging attack of big agencies, COO of Dezenhall Resources, Steven Schlein posits that the big agencies cannot honestly communicate for clients in […]

03 Dec 2020

Some Officials Flout Their Own Restrictions CNN

Speaking to CNN regarding politicians caught on camera practicing, “do as I say and not as I do,” Eric Dezenhall says there are two things Americans hate, superiority and hypocrisy. Watch the video