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26 Oct 2022

Ye expressed ‘entire portfolio of thought’ that can’t be explained away, says Eric Dezenhall CNBC

Eric Dezenhall on Squawkbox this morning: You cannot advise people like Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, whether they are mentally ill or otherwise because their life experience has taught them they are right. Big companies are not set up to manage situations like this, so they have little choice but to bounce the troublemaker. […]

27 Jul 2022

Hulu changes policy, will begin accepting issue ads, says Axios’ Sara Fischer

Eric Dezenhall spoke to Squawk Box today about the controversial Hulu issue advertising policies. Watch the clip:

04 Jun 2019

Crisis Management Expert Analyzes how Boeing is Handling Controversies CNBC

This morning Eric spoke candidly with Squawk Box about the future of Boeing’s 737 Max and Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg. The Boeing crisis is at root an engineering crisis.  Fix the plane, and everything else falls into place.  Far too much emphasis is placed on CEO interviews, which are important, but always criticized for not […]

14 Jun 2017

Uber’s Problems Continue as Board Member Resigns CNBC

Interview with Squawk Box on Uber’s David Bonderman’s resignation after his inappropriate joke about women and the timing of  the report by former U.S. attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. on Uber’s workplace culture. Watch the video

25 Feb 2016

Apple’s Fight With FBI: Expert CNBC: Squawk Box

CNBC’s Squawk Box had Eric on to discuss the Apple’s fight with the FBI. Watch the video and listen to why Eric believes Apple is the one company which defies every law of crisis management.