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09 Mar 2021

Cuomo’s Uphill Battle RealClear Politics

People survive scandals when we want them to. Commentary by Eric Dezenhall. Read the article

05 Feb 2019

‘I Was Young’ Isn’t an Excuse: Business Leaders Need to Revisit Yearbooks Wall Street Journal

Anyone in a high profile job should conduct ‘opposition analysis’ on themselves to see if damaging pre-digital era images could come to light. Read the full story

31 May 2018

Roseanne Barr return possible, but lesser platform likely Associated Press

Dezenhall talks to AP regarding the return of Roseanne Barr. Read the full article

01 Feb 2018

Can Nashville Mayor Weather a Sex Scandal? USA Today

It remains unclear how Megan Barry, Nashville Mayor, will weather the scandal involving her affair with a subordinate. There’s no magic crisis playbook says Eric Dezenhall – if “there really were a playbook everybody would use it.” But there are variables that are worth looking at. Read the full article

13 Oct 2017

Where Do All the Disgraced CEO’s Go?

As more C.E.O.s are fired, the New York Times’ John Schwartz asks the question, where do they go and is there a secret island? To get help with this question he came to Eric Dezenhall for his expertise in this matter. Read the full article

19 Apr 2017

What’s Bill O’Reilly’s Next Move? The Hollywood Reporter

Eric Dezenhall tells The Hollywood Reporter what he believes will be Bill O’Reilly’s approach to handling his sexual harassment scandal. Read the full article

11 Apr 2017

WTOP Radio – O’Reilly Scandal

Listen to Eric Dezenhall’s interview on WTOP on the O’Reilly scandal.

18 Dec 2015

Newseum lists their top 10 podcasts The Newseum

As 2015 winds down, I was pleased today that The Newseum listed on their Twitter account my January 2015 speaking engagement as one of their top 10 podcast episodes. If you didn’t get a chance to listen in person here’s a link to the podcast.  The topic was Managing Scandal in the 24-hour News Cycle.

06 Nov 2015

Here’s Why Ben Carson Can Survive His Current Crisis The Fiscal Times

The Fiscal Times asked Dezenhall if he thought Ben Carson would survive, after being on top, the scandal about his characterization of a West Point Scholarship. Dezenhall states, “This is a strange election season in that the old rules of thumb go right out the window when the electorate’s primarily goal is to express anger, […]

14 Oct 2015

Gutting Through the VW Crisis Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall provides five points to debunk common misperceptions as they relate to the Volkswagen scandal. Eric goes on to say that he feels it’s not crisis management but it’s more akin to “crisis digestion” that VW is going through, and a stomach bug is never pretty!