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13 Feb 2024

How Big Tech Wants You to Think About Big Tech Substack

Did you watch the Super Bowl ads this year? If you did, you might have noticed that three Big Tech companies – Google, Snap, and Microsoft – used their ads to showcase their products and services in a positive light. But why did they do that? And what does it mean for their future? In […]

20 Dec 2023

36 Years Strong: Dezenhall’s Continuous Innovation and Growth

  Dear friends, As our firm closes out its 36th year in business, I find myself reflecting even more than normal on not only the successes and challenges of the last 12 months, but on the entirety of Dezenhall Resources’ existence. The media, crisis and political landscape has evolved so drastically over the past four […]

01 Dec 2016

Revving Up Your Reputation Reputation Management

In the event of a crisis what can brand managers do to avoid reputational damage? Josh Culling provides an in-depth response as the playing field has shifted and corporate reputations are at stake. Read the PDF version of this article

13 Oct 2016

Samsung committed the “cardinal sin of crisis management” – now trust in its entire brand is at risk World Trademark Review

Samsung’s reputation is going the same route as its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones: down in flames. Dezenhall’s Josh Culling argues that Samsung has committed “the cardinal sin of crisis management” and provides some analysis on how the company can repair its brand and get back to business. Read the full article

13 Apr 2016

Behind the Headlines With Josh Culling Cision

Josh Culling, senior vice president at Dezenhall Resources shares his insight on what brands can do when a crisis arises; the role of social media in crisis communications and why he gets excited to use Snapchat.   Read the full article

08 Apr 2016

REVOLVING DOOR Dezenhall Resources Makes 2 Executive Hires AdWeek

Former Dezenhall employees, Josh Culling and James Hewitt return to the firm. Culling returns as a senior vice president after leaving the DC area for his hometown of Toledo, OH. Hewitt returns as a senior director after a role as deputy press secretary for the RNC. Read the article for the lowdown on what they’ve […]