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09 Oct 2020

Trump in ‘Fiasco Vortex’ According to Washington Crisis Expert Yahoo News

If you’ve read Eric Dezenhall’s book, Glass Jaw: A Manifesto for Defending Fragile Reputations in an Age of Instant Scandal you know the term, “Fiasco Vortex”.  The coronavirus outbreak has thrust Trump’s presidency into a fiasco vortex says Dezenhall. And all attempts to mitigate the crisis are destroyed with fiasco becoming the only development people […]

06 Apr 2017

At Fox News, a wall of silence surrounds Bill O’Reilly The Washington Post

The Dezenhall viewpoint on the scandal involving Bill O’Reilly and Fox News is that silence is the least bad option given the handful of variables we just don’t know about. “There is rarely a correlation between the greater quantity of communication and vindication.” Glass Jaw Read full article

18 Mar 2016

Eric Dezenhall On The GOP and Crisis PR In Cleveland The Hugh Hewitt Show

Listen or read the Hugh Hewitt interview with Glass Jaw author, Eric Dezenhall where they discuss what the GOP ought to be doing in advance to prepare for an open convention, violence from protesters and corporate sponsorship at the convention. Eric criticizes the crisis cliché “get ahead of the story,” which is one of those things that sounds wonderful, […]

04 Nov 2015

Spare Us the Jeb Image Makeover Medium

Jeb Bush hired an image consultant, but image makeovers rarely work in politics. The perception of the “packaged politician” i.e., Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Obama is false. What is true is that these politicians already had mass appeal and were essentially in the right place at the right time when their attributes intersected with the […]

14 Oct 2015

Gutting Through the VW Crisis Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall provides five points to debunk common misperceptions as they relate to the Volkswagen scandal. Eric goes on to say that he feels it’s not crisis management but it’s more akin to “crisis digestion” that VW is going through, and a stomach bug is never pretty!

24 Sep 2015

VW in the ‘Fiasco Vortex’ Huffington Post

Will VW survive? Yes. But, they have to make it through the ‘Fiasco Vortex’. The first step will be to accept that their challenges run deeper than public relations.

29 Jul 2015

Lion-killer dentist: Can his practice survive this? Headline News

Headline News interviewed Eric for his insight on the viral public reaction to Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed Cecil the lion and ensuing backlash to his dental practice.  

19 May 2015

UNREDACTED With Rachel Marsden UNREDACTED, Rachel Marsden

Listen to Eric Dezenhall’s May 19, 2015 segment with Rachel Marsden on her blog talk radio show UNREDACTED where they discuss his book, Glass Jaw. To listen to Eric’s segment:   Full show link to Episode #26 air date May 19, 2015

16 Apr 2015

So, Rolling Stone Got it Wrong — Now What? Real Clear Politics

A newly authored piece by Eric Dezenhall written for Real Clear Politics on the practical aftermath of the Rolling Stone/UVA controversy.