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09 Jul 2015

Martha Stewart’s Damage Control Win Huffington Post

Martha Stewart, a crisis management success story. Her brand took a hit, but she kept it under control and that’s why it’s called “damage control”.

08 Jul 2015

Put in an Impossible Position, Subway Is Navigating It as Well as Possible, Experts Say AdWeek

Dezenhall quoted in AdWeek  regarding the scandal involving Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle.

24 Jun 2015

Symbols and Sacrifices in Post-Charleston Damage Control Huffington Post

Dezenhall maintains that symbols, memes and incendiary statements, once pulled into the controversy, become harder to defend due to the sheer volume of media attention.

19 Jun 2015

Snoozing Through The Cardinals/Astros Hack Huffington Post

“Crisis congestion…and a few other factors” postulates Eric Dezenhall is why the St. Louis Cardinals hacking into the Houston Astros has not become the latest obsessions for both the media and the internet.

15 Jun 2015

Rachel Dolezal and Scandals of Schtick Huffington Post

Review Eric Dezenhall’s latest piece in which he discusses, using recent examples (Rachel Dolezal, Brian Williams, Sen. Elizabeth Warren), what happens to those with “narcissistic investments” in certain identities.

19 May 2015

UNREDACTED With Rachel Marsden UNREDACTED, Rachel Marsden

Listen to Eric Dezenhall’s May 19, 2015 segment with Rachel Marsden on her blog talk radio show UNREDACTED where they discuss his book, Glass Jaw. To listen to Eric’s segment:   Full show link to Episode #26 air date May 19, 2015