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13 Sep 2016

Why Politicians Like Clinton Keep Their Health a Secret CNBC

Powerful people such as Hillary Clinton keep secrets for a reason and sometimes it actually it works for them. Instead of being transparent they complicate. So, dare we ask, why does everyone maintain that transparency is the best crisis management strategy? Read the full article

24 Aug 2016

Trump vs. Clinton: It’s a Battle of the Brands CNBC

INSIGHT: Eric Dezenhall’s commentary on CNBC regarding which presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, has the brand that will resonate better with voters this November. Read the full article

19 Aug 2016

ERIC DEZENHALL On Swimmer Gate The Hugh Hewitt Show

Eric Dezenhall speaks with Hugh Hewitt regarding Ryan Lochte and the swimmer’s Rio Olympic crisis. Hugh asks Eric what he would advise the swimmers, sponsors as well as the U.S. Olympic Committee.   Listen to audio here

20 Apr 2016

Wall Street’s Image Problem CNBC

CNBC asks Eric Dezenhall if Wall Street needs to rebrand its image after the primary voting exit polls in New York revealed that many Democrats and Republicans agreed Wall Street hurts the economy more than helps. Watch the video or read the article from the CNBC website

18 Mar 2016

Eric Dezenhall On The GOP and Crisis PR In Cleveland The Hugh Hewitt Show

Listen or read the Hugh Hewitt interview with Glass Jaw author, Eric Dezenhall where they discuss what the GOP ought to be doing in advance to prepare for an open convention, violence from protesters and corporate sponsorship at the convention. Eric criticizes the crisis cliché “get ahead of the story,” which is one of those things that sounds wonderful, […]

25 Feb 2016

Ubering Through Crisis Huffington Post

It will be a combination of operational improvements and sheer endurance that will help Uber’s crisis management, says Eric Dezenhall in his latest piece for Huffington Post regarding its handling of a driver who went on a killing rampage. Read the full article

25 Feb 2016

Apple’s Fight With FBI: Expert CNBC: Squawk Box

CNBC’s Squawk Box had Eric on to discuss the Apple’s fight with the FBI. Watch the video and listen to why Eric believes Apple is the one company which defies every law of crisis management.  

18 Dec 2015

Newseum lists their top 10 podcasts The Newseum

As 2015 winds down, I was pleased today that The Newseum listed on their Twitter account my January 2015 speaking engagement as one of their top 10 podcast episodes. If you didn’t get a chance to listen in person here’s a link to the podcast.  The topic was Managing Scandal in the 24-hour News Cycle.

04 Nov 2015

Spare Us the Jeb Image Makeover Medium

Jeb Bush hired an image consultant, but image makeovers rarely work in politics. The perception of the “packaged politician” i.e., Presidents Kennedy, Reagan and Obama is false. What is true is that these politicians already had mass appeal and were essentially in the right place at the right time when their attributes intersected with the […]

14 Oct 2015

Gutting Through the VW Crisis Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall provides five points to debunk common misperceptions as they relate to the Volkswagen scandal. Eric goes on to say that he feels it’s not crisis management but it’s more akin to “crisis digestion” that VW is going through, and a stomach bug is never pretty!