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13 Mar 2019

How Boeing Should Respond to the Ethiopian Airlines Crash CNBC

Boeing needs to choose the best of its bad options in order to keep the airlines and the governments with them in order to survive.  They have made a decision – with the help of the FAA – that because the aircraft is safe, they will prove it in everyday use in the U.S. first. […]

05 Feb 2019

‘I Was Young’ Isn’t an Excuse: Business Leaders Need to Revisit Yearbooks Wall Street Journal

Anyone in a high profile job should conduct ‘opposition analysis’ on themselves to see if damaging pre-digital era images could come to light. Read the full story

08 Dec 2017

Why Crisis PR Faces a Crisis PR News

“Crisis management is at a crossroads” states Eric Dezenhall as he reflects on the past thirty years in what used to be called an offbeat business. Read the article

23 Jan 2017

Trump’s Attacks on Outsourcing Put Companies on Guard The Wall Street Journal

Eric Dezenhall quoted in Wall Street Journal on companies that are not ready for Trump attacks on offshoring. Read the full article

22 Nov 2016

Crisis Consultant Writes Novels to Recharge Wall Street Journal

Writing works of fiction is the secret to how crisis manager, Eric Dezenhall handles the demands of running Dezenhall Resources. Wrapping up his seventh novel, a story about the murdered family of an African-American racketeer that took place in his neighborhood as a child. Dezenhall uses his alter-ego to solve problems, combat dangerous criminals and […]

15 Oct 2016

In Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ run, reality wasn’t what it seemed AP

Dezenhall quoted in AP story on Donald Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice,” which served as his training ground for His campaign.  Dezenhall says Trump was adept at two skills necessary to succeed on TV. Read the full article

03 Oct 2016

Companies Under Attack Hire Dezenhall Resources to Get Back to Business Huffington Post

Huffington Post calls Dezenhall the “the firm companies hire to get back to business” Read the article

20 Sep 2016

Executive Edge: CEOs under fire CNBC

As Wells Fargo CEO John Stump, and Mylan CEO Heather Bresch testify before Congress this week their job will be relatively simple: Survive the proceedings. A Congressional hearing is not an investigative panel—it’s political theater, the most fun a Member of Congress can have. Watch the video

31 Aug 2016

Why Trump Can Get Away with Saying Anything CNBC

Why can Donald Trump seemingly say anything and get away with it? Eric Dezenhall comments on why there are different rules for different people and organizations in high-stakes communications. Read the full article

07 Jul 2016

Charisma & Damage Control at Tesla CNBC

Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss the Tesla accident impact, Eric Dezenhall says charismatic visionaries such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are granted passes because they “crank out cool stuff.” When asked about Musk’s Twitter war with Fortune, Dezenhall says that Musk will fare better than a CEO of a more traditional publicly […]