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31 May 2017

Shaking Up His Communications Staff Won’t Solve Trump’s Biggest Problems Washington Examiner

The blaming, firing and resigning of communications people in the White House won’t solve the problems of Russia or knock out the impeachment chatter. Especially when the problems have been created by President Trump himself. Taking blame for things beyond your control has become a job requirement for today’s communications pros. Read the full article

07 Jul 2016

Charisma & Damage Control at Tesla CNBC

Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss the Tesla accident impact, Eric Dezenhall says charismatic visionaries such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are granted passes because they “crank out cool stuff.” When asked about Musk’s Twitter war with Fortune, Dezenhall says that Musk will fare better than a CEO of a more traditional publicly […]

20 Apr 2016

Wall Street’s Image Problem CNBC

CNBC asks Eric Dezenhall if Wall Street needs to rebrand its image after the primary voting exit polls in New York revealed that many Democrats and Republicans agreed Wall Street hurts the economy more than helps. Watch the video or read the article from the CNBC website

14 Oct 2015

What Volkswagen Is Doing Right and Wrong to Address Its Diesel Scandal Automobile Magazine

Eric Dezenhall is quoted in Automobile Magazine about what Volkswagen is doing to manage its diesel emissions scandal.

21 Sep 2015

Volkswagen Recall: Repairing The Carmaker’s Reputation Will Take Years And Won’t Be Fixed By Firing The CEO International Business Times

The Volkswagen scandal will take years for the company to fix its reputation. It’s much more complicated that just firing the CEO.

14 Sep 2015

Hillary Clinton’s Foggy Mountain Breakdown Huffington Post

The Clinton email crisis is two-fold: bad facts and prior Clinton scandals. It’s not about the mishandling of damage control, which he feels is a diagnostic error for which pundits cite the “bungling” of the “handling” as the key reason for the mess.

31 Jul 2015

When Moguls Collide With Politics Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall looks at how what makes a successful mogul does not necessarily make a successful politician with Presidential pursuits.

29 Jul 2015

Lion-killer dentist: Can his practice survive this? Headline News

Headline News interviewed Eric for his insight on the viral public reaction to Walter Palmer, the dentist who killed Cecil the lion and ensuing backlash to his dental practice.  

24 Jul 2015

Defining Damage Control in the Breach Epoch Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall blogs about how the technology breaches over the last few weeks have replaced product recalls as the crisis management challenges of our present.

09 Jul 2015

Martha Stewart’s Damage Control Win Huffington Post

Martha Stewart, a crisis management success story. Her brand took a hit, but she kept it under control and that’s why it’s called “damage control”.