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23 Feb 2023

14 Smart Strategies To Proactively Prepare For A PR Crisis Forbes

Read why Anne Marie Malecha tells Forbes if organizations can only do one thing to prepare for a crisis it’s to have a multidisciplinary crisis team at the ready. Read the article

25 Apr 2022

16 Of The Biggest Faux Pas Companies Can Make On Social Media Forbes

Marketers love social media, but it can be an organization’s Achilles heel in a crisis. More from Anne Marie Malecha in Forbes. Read the article

18 Mar 2020

Why CEOs Give Up Their Salary During a Crisis Adweek

CEOs forgo their salaries during a crisis as a symbolic gesture. Read the full article

17 Dec 2019

Shaking Up Management May Not Solve Boeing’s Problems, Expert Says CNBC

Eric Dezenhall on Squawk Box this morning explains that “crisis management” is all about trying different things to see what will knock the crisis into remission. #Boeing has two options, according to Dezenhall, and a management shakeup is one he is skeptical of. Watch to hear why. Watch the video   

30 Oct 2019

Boeing Takes Out Full-Page Ads Before CEO Testifies Adweek

Boeing’s ads in newspapers ring hollow, according to some experts. But Dezenhall thinks they are a step in the right direction. Read the article  

21 Oct 2019

It’s Premature To Put Too Much Weight Into Boeing Test Pilot Messages… CNBC

Regarding the latest Boeing scrutiny, Eric Dezenhall offers that Boeing is facing two issues 1. Boeing needs to find a real solution to its engineering problem and 2. Boeing is caught up in the “theater of crisis management”. The ultimate solution for Boeing will come with diagnosing and fixing the actual problem. Click to watch […]

11 Oct 2019

How the NBA Made A No-Win Situation Worse PR Week

Dezenhall Resources’ Mike Bova discusses how the NBA made a no-win situation worse by trying to have it both ways following their latest controversy in China. “When it comes to a crisis, your objective should be to end the lifecycle of the story. Don’t make things up, state your business standards, practices and values and […]

12 Apr 2019

Create a Crisis, Capture a Unicorn The New York Times

Veteran New York Times journalist John Schwartz and Eric Dezenhall are conspiring to become wickedly rich by becoming disruptors in the crisis management industry – they want to be known as the Uber or AirBnB of Crisis Creation.  And, yes, they’re joking. Read the article

13 Mar 2019

How Boeing Should Respond to the Ethiopian Airlines Crash CNBC

Boeing needs to choose the best of its bad options in order to keep the airlines and the governments with them in order to survive.  They have made a decision – with the help of the FAA – that because the aircraft is safe, they will prove it in everyday use in the U.S. first. […]

05 Feb 2019

‘I Was Young’ Isn’t an Excuse: Business Leaders Need to Revisit Yearbooks Wall Street Journal

Anyone in a high profile job should conduct ‘opposition analysis’ on themselves to see if damaging pre-digital era images could come to light. Read the full story