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20 May 2015

The Pats Pick Best of Their Bad Options Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall’s view on why the New England Patriots are not fighting the NFL sanctions and why he agrees with Robert Kraft’s decision in this matter.

19 May 2015

UNREDACTED With Rachel Marsden UNREDACTED, Rachel Marsden

Listen to Eric Dezenhall’s May 19, 2015 segment with Rachel Marsden on her blog talk radio show UNREDACTED where they discuss his book, Glass Jaw. To listen to Eric’s segment:   Full show link to Episode #26 air date May 19, 2015

16 Apr 2015

So, Rolling Stone Got it Wrong — Now What? Real Clear Politics

A newly authored piece by Eric Dezenhall written for Real Clear Politics on the practical aftermath of the Rolling Stone/UVA controversy.

06 Apr 2015

A Look Back at the Target Breach Huffington Post

The Ghost of Crisis Past: Eric Dezenhall breaks down the effective and costly damage control campaign launched by Target to recover from the big 2013 cyber breach

20 Mar 2015

On ‘Dursting’: Why Media Prey Go on Camera Huffington Post

For many who have watched HBO’s The Jinx and scratched their heads wondering why Robert Durst would do the interview, which, in turn, likely led to his arrest, Eric Dezenhall provides his four reasons on ‘Dursting’

28 Jan 2015

What time is the Super Bowl? Josh Culling

Even if you are currently under a rock, by now you’re aware of the controversy surrounding the New England Patriots’ alleged deflating of footballs to gain an edge in the AFC Championship Game. The coverage of “Deflate-gate” has been ubiquitous and hysterical. A Google News search for “NFL Deflate gate” turns up 73 pages of […]

04 Nov 2014

Crisis and Context for Virgin Galactic Eric Dezenhall

Richard Branson had it right when he complained about people who knew nothing about the crash of SpaceShipTwo diving in front of cameras to analyze what must have gone wrong in the Mojave Desert. Welcome, Sir Richard, to the “Fiasco Vortex,” a concept I write about in my new book, Glass Jaw: A Manifesto for […]