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13 Jun 2023

Biden is Determined To Say As Little As Possible About Trump’s Indictment AP

Thirty-seven charges against Trump – many are saying, “they got him now.” Eric Dezenhall isn’t so sure and feels the smarter Dems think it’s smart for Biden to remain quiet. Read the article

15 Nov 2020

Trump Putting Democracy to the Test After his Loss to Biden AP

With Trump’s continued refusal to accept the election results many, including Obama, have begun to question how top Republicans continue to follow Trump and humor his efforts to discredit the election. So why?  Eric Dezenhall puts forth a solid reason why in the article below. Read the article

10 Nov 2020

Our Take on the 2020 Election Dezenhall

Our take is that by necessity, moderation is back. Moderate policies, moderate rhetoric, and moderate politicians will rule the next few years. Policies will be influenced by centrists working together and trying to get votes from both parties. Washington advocacy groups and special interests will have to adjust accordingly. Businesses that understand the new environment […]

03 Jul 2019

The DNC Set Biden Up For Failure In First Debate The Hill

Dezenhall Resources, Fred Brown opines on Joe Biden’s first debate of the 2020 primary was objectively a failure. Biden was far from a crisp orator, looked unprepared for the attacks he faced and seemed out of touch with today’s liberal base. But even if he had made coherent points and artfully deflected criticism of his […]