What We Do

Issues Management & Advocacy

We believe a winning outcome can only be achieved by directly stopping your attackers. We help our clients defend against marketplace assaults, which are chronic, sophisticated attacks from self-interested attackers or motivated adversaries that can include activists, competitors, media, plaintiff’s bar, politicians, regulators, shareholders, short sellers, whistleblowers, and more.

Using our founding philosophy of marketplace defense – a strategic operational and communications approach that allows an organization to protect its market share by pre-empting and rebutting attacks that threaten our clients’ reputation, freedom to operate or bottom line – we develop a clear path to victory.

We begin each engagement by working with our clients to establish realistic objectives, as well as developing a precise landscape analysis that identifies the antagonists and factors in the political and cultural windmills that are at our back and in our face. Then we tailor a plan to win, which, unlike many in this discipline, frequently involves creating political risk for our client’s opponents and attackers.

  • Coalition Building
  • Digital + Social Media Strategy
  • Government Investigation Support
  • Grassroots and Grasstops Influencer Engagement
  • Litigation Support
  • Research + Insights