William Kim

William Kim is a Counselor at Dezenhall Resources, specializing in public affairs and policy issues for a diverse range of clients and subject matters. He has extensive experience in public policy research, as well as writing and content creation.

Before joining Dezenhall Resources, Kim worked at the Stimson Center, a preeminent nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank focused on international peace and national security, where he focused on strategic research and communications initiatives for the Center. Kim also served on Capitol Hill in the offices of Congressman Adam Smith and the House Armed Services Committee, where he worked on issues including critical infrastructure, defense, and cybersecurity.

Kim is a graduate of Boston College, holding a B.A. in International Studies and Cooperation and Conflict. He spends his free time running outdoors and hopes one day to attend the World Cup. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, raised in California, and now lives in Virginia.