Josh Culling

Josh Culling is Executive Vice President and partner at Dezenhall Resources. He oversees the firm’s state government and regulatory advocacy strategy and specializes in public affairs, third-party outreach, grassroots advocacy and crisis communications. He assists clients in developing and implementing organizational and communications responses to acute and chronic threats. His areas of policy and advocacy expertise include state and federal tax, energy, financial services, health care and regulatory policy.

Prior to joining the firm, Culling worked in state and federal advocacy roles for prominent D.C. public policy organizations. Throughout his career, he has assembled and led a number of diverse coalitions supporting a variety of free-market policy agendas. He began his career working for the American Legislative Exchange Committee, where he worked with state legislators across the country on energy, environment and civil justice issues. After leaving ALEC, he headed state government affairs efforts for the National Taxpayers Union and Americans for Tax Reform, working closely with legislators, gubernatorial staffs and policy organizations to expand free-market policies in the states.

Culling lives in Toledo, Ohio with his beautiful wife and two amazing children. He spends his springs touting the Detroit Tigers’ impending World Series championship and his autumns cursing their inevitable failure.