Dez Reads. Scheffler’s Arrest Shocks PGA, Tom Brady’s Roast Regrets, Netflix Secures NFL Rights, AI Regulation Efforts, and Miss USA Controversy.


Welcome to this week’s edition of Dez Reads, where we dissect the latest news in entertainment, business, politics, and culture. In a truly shocking development in the golf world, Scottie Scheffler was arrested this morning, providing us with the dominant social media narrative as we head into a major championship weekend. Always timely, Dez Reads is all over it.

Other controversies and emerging news examined this week include the Roast of Tom Brady, the resignation of multiple American beauty queens, initial steps in AI regulation on the Hill, and Netflix’s continued expansion into live sports. I’d encourage you, dear reader, to click through to the stories that interest you and where you encounter a paywall, consider subscribing. Dez Reads isn’t simply an aggregation of what our team is reading, but something that hopefully encourages folks to consume more journalism. We need real reporting now more than ever.


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