Dez Reads. Office Commutes Resurge, Grief Meets AI, Puppy Politics, Zara’s Fashion Makeover, and Climate Financial Risks.


Welcome to Dez Reads, where I curate some quick analysis of the interesting, quirky, and thought-provoking things our staff is reading this week.

While there’s a lot of good stuff in this mid-May edition (our people are submitting so much content that I haven’t secured any column space for myself in weeks), I’d like to call out Steven Schlein’s take on whether or not an aspiring VP should brag about murdering a puppy in cold blood (spoiler: no), and Anne Marie Malecha’s dive into some contradictions in the “green investing” space. Also, this week, we get a sneak peek into Will Kim’s wardrobe.

Feel free to write in with your thoughts, criticisms, or questions for our staff. Maybe we’ll get around to publicizing our responses to some reader submissions!

Here we go.

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