Eric Dezenhall

Eric co-founded Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. in 1987 and today serves as the company’s CEO. Prior to starting the firm, Eric worked at an international public relations agency and a political consulting firm. Today, he is a frequent guest commentator on national public affairs programs and is widely quoted in leading news publications. Eric was named one of Business Insider’s 25 most influential PR People Behind the Scenes of Corporate America.

Eric is the author of three non-fiction books on crisis communications and corporate witch-hunts, each of which is considered a landmark in the dynamic field of crisis management.

Eric is also the author of six novels: Money Wanders (St. Martin’s, 2002), Jackie Disaster (Minotaur, 2003), Shakedown Beach (St. Martin’s, 2004), Turnpike Flameout (St. Martin’s, 2006) and Spinning Dixie (St. Martin’s, 2007). His sixth novel, The Devil Himself (Thomas Dunne, St. Martin’s, 2011) is about the secret collaboration between the U.S. Navy and organized crime during World War II.

Eric is on the faculty of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business where he teaches a course on crisis management and marketplace defense to MBA students. He has taught at the American Bar Association’s Continuing Legal Education programs on subjects including securities fraud litigation and managing high-profile trials. He has also lectured at graduate and undergraduate programs at institutions including Georgetown, New York University, Dartmouth and the University of Maryland, in addition to the United States Army and Federal Bureau of Investigation.