Public Affairs

The government affects nearly every issue our firm handles. Whether your challenge is with local, state, federal or international regulators and legislatures, or a combination thereof, Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. develops innovative and effective strategies that help our clients prevail, often in conjunction with their lobbyists and lawyers.

We are skilled at helping companies prepare for and respond to government investigations, regulatory enforcement, congressional testimony and legislative initiatives. We bring to the table a seasoned understanding of how government investigations are shaped, conducted and received or exploited by external audiences and other key players.

Strategic Issues Management and Advocacy.

Marketplace challenges are often driven by legislation and regulation from local and state to federal and international. We design multifaceted, coordinated advocacy solutions to persuade elected officials, regulators, influencers and decision-makers at every level.

Coalition Building.

We assemble and manage diverse alliances of independent, unaffiliated advocates that create a chorus of voices to thoughtfully articulate and amplify our clients’ positions. These unique combinations of allies often serve as the backbone of successful issues management and advocacy campaigns.

Grasstops Influencer Engagement.

Influencer support from the top down is essential to a successful advocacy effort. We identify, recruit, educate and activate grasstops influencers such as community leaders, small business owners, former and current elected officials, small business owners, and others expand and personalize your cause with the decision makers that can swing an issue in your favor.

Ground Game Activation.

Grassroots advocacy is often indispensable in winning advocacy fights. We deploy boots on the ground at the local, state and regional levels to activate champions and create a groundswell of community support.

Digital Communication.

Today’s world is increasingly digital. Organizations that ignore the digital space ignore consumers, influencers and potential allies. Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. creates strategic digital campaigns that allow our clients to bypass the often-biased filter of the media and speak directly to consumers and supporters. Our marketplace defense-focused approach is grounded in an understanding of how social media and digital applications apply to clients that are under scrutiny or embarking on a comprehensive issues management and advocacy initiative, and what is needed to communicate – or hold fire – in a hostile environment.

Media Outreach.

Effective media outreach can be fundamental to an advocacy campaign’s success. We help our clients manage their issue’s media presence both offensively and defensively, amplifying our other advocacy efforts and generating credible and favorable coverage of their issues.