Crisis Management

Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. is one of the most trusted crisis management firms. One of the first practitioners of the crisis management discipline, we are pioneers in the field. Crises that threaten to damage an organization’s ability to do business or threaten its reputation happen through the course of everyday operations.

Over the past 30 years we have guided a vast number of businesses, trade groups and nonprofits facing product recalls; health, safety or environmental concerns; financial and corporate controversies; competitor disputes; litigation; internet attacks; and workplace issues, to name a few. Our role ranges from risk assessment and pre-crisis planning to hands-on campaign management should a challenge arise or an incident occur. Whatever the crisis, we help our clients manage through it, so they can get back to their core business.

Crisis Preparedness Planning.

We help our clients develop comprehensive crisis plans that serve as their roadmap to avoid or minimize reputational damage in times of crisis. No two organizations are the same, therefore no two crisis preparedness plans are the same. Given the speed at which a crisis unfolds, it’s vital for organizations to be prepared for everything from natural disasters and pandemics, to supply chain disruption, to employee and executive misconduct, to political controversy, to activist pressure and boycotts, to regulatory challenges, to cyber and physical security breaches and more. By understanding an organization’s reputation baseline, identifying potential threats, focusing on what’s practical, facilitating decision-making and leadership, we ensure our clients are prepared to tackle whatever comes their way.

Crisis Landscape and Risk Analysis.

The companies and industries best prepared to manage a crisis successfully are those that understand their own vulnerabilities and pressure points. We assist clients in high-risk and controversial industries – whether they experience a high number of product recalls or are frequent targets of motivated adversaries– in understanding the contours of crisis. We also help clients considering complex, proactive campaigns evaluate areas that are simply too risky for action or are unwinnable battles. Our detailed landscape and risk analyses help clients pre-empt crisis management and public affairs pitfalls by cultivating allies and understanding adversaries, and tweak organizational processes to stave off future headaches.

While crisis management is a quick-twitch discipline that happens in real-time, an advanced understanding of the landscape ensures that companies and industries are able to manage difficult situations effectively.

Strategic Counsel.

Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. has counseled Fortune 500 executives through some of the biggest crises and challenges of the past three decades. Our battle-tested team serves as an adviser and confidant. We provide our clients confidential strategic counsel, sharing our hard-won lessons, experience and wisdom as they navigate internal and external challenges big and small.

Rapid Response and War Room Command and Control.

In a crisis, time is of the essence and an all-hands-on-deck mentality is crucial. Dezenhall deploys key staff on the ground to set up a crisis war room and rapid response center to aid clients in triaging incoming media requests, media monitoring, on-site media training for spokespeople and executives, developing new messages and materials on the fly and providing strategic counsel in real time. Clients in crisis, whether a Fortune 500 company or a family-owned business, often benefit from more on-site manpower when in the throes of crisis.

Social Media Strategy.

Social media channels are increasingly becoming the front line for organization-to consumer-engagement, for better or for worse. Organizations that fail to consider their social media presence and standard practices while in a crisis can end up perpetuating their own challenge. Social media can be a useful tool, if considered strategically and proportionally within a broader crisis management effort. We help our clients engage in smart, laser-focused social media practices that move to mitigate their challenge so they can get back to business.

Third Party Mobilization.

Crafting compelling messages is the first step in building a winning campaign, but a good message is ineffective if you’re not deploying it credibly. By identifying, educating and mobilizing sympathetic third party voices, we inject our clients’ point of view into media coverage, negotiations between decision makers and the consciousness of the general public.

Media Outreach.

Effective media management and outreach can be fundamental to successfully navigating a crisis situation. We help our clients manage their interactions with the press both offensively and defensively and are accomplished at generating local and national coverage.

Crisis Protocols and Best Practices.

During a crisis, management and communications decisions must be made quickly and decisively. Decisions are dictated by external events and cannot be planned in advance with any specificity. But the protocols and processes for making confident decisions in times of crisis can and should be plotted out in advance. Drawing from our 30 years in the crisis management business, we help clients manage the risk of future crises spiraling out of control by designing and implementing comprehensive crisis protocols.

Crisis Simulations Training.

Knowing how your team reacts under the pressure of crisis is invaluable. Our comprehensive crisis training exercises replicate high-impact situations and take trainees through a challenging and instructive simulation of real-world crisis scenarios. We identify and examine our clients’ strengths, weaknesses and trigger points and collaboratively work to make operational adjustments so they’re as prepared as possible when the stakes are high and the crisis is real.