08 Dec 2021

William Kim

William Kim is an Associate at Dezenhall Resources, specializing public affairs and policy issues for a diverse range of clients and subject matters. He has extensive experience in public policy research, as well as writing and content creation. Before joining Dezenhall Resources, Kim worked at the Stimson Center, a preeminent nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank focused […]

18 Oct 2019

Riley Althouse

Riley Althouse is a Senior Director at Dezenhall Resources, where she specializes in media relations and strategic communication. She utilizes her experience in public affairs, mass communication, and tactical planning to effectively message across all platforms. Prior to joining the firm, Althouse was Deputy Press Secretary for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services […]

23 Jul 2018

Quote – Park Ranger

23 Jul 2018

Quote – Stoller

19 Jul 2018

Reilly McDonnell

Reilly McDonnell is a Senior Director at Dezenhall Resources, where she specializes in providing strategic digital insight and media relations support for crisis, issues management and strategic communication campaigns for trade associations and large corporations in the energy, natural products, education, pharmaceutical and financial industries. McDonnell is skilled in identifying and analyzing potential adversaries and […]

19 Jul 2018

Jennifer Hirshon

Jennifer Hirshon is a Vice President at Dezenhall Resources, where she delivers strategic counsel to clients and Dezenhall management regarding the online landscape, technologies and creative opportunities. Hirshon also handles the online marketing and communication initiatives of Eric Dezenhall’s dezbooks.net. In addition to these responsibilities, she oversees the billing and vendor management at the firm. […]

19 Jul 2018

Fred Brown

Fred Brown is a Vice President at Dezenhall Resources. His issues and capabilities of focus include energy, pharmaceuticals and financial services issues, as well as crisis communications, media outreach and rapid response. Brown has extensive experience in media affairs, and combative public affairs campaigns, serving as a spokesman for the Republican National Committee, top Republican […]

19 Jul 2018

Michael Bova

Michael Bova is a Vice President at Dezenhall Resources, where he manages public affairs and crisis communications for corporations in a variety of industries. He works with client teams to develop communication strategies and responses to issues across multiple sectors. Bova is a media relations expert, advising clients on effective media strategies and helping form critical relationships […]

19 Jul 2018

Anne Marie Malecha

Anne Marie Malecha is Executive Vice President and partner at Dezenhall Resources. She directs the firm’s client services and specializes in litigation and crisis communications, advocacy strategy, and reputation management. She’s counseled a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, trade associations and national non-profit organizations in the U.S. and internationally in the defense, food and agriculture, […]

19 Jul 2018

Josh Culling

Josh Culling is Executive Vice President and partner at Dezenhall Resources. He oversees the firm’s state government and regulatory advocacy strategy and specializes in public affairs, third-party outreach, grassroots advocacy and crisis communications. He assists clients in developing and implementing organizational and communications responses to acute and chronic threats. His areas of policy and advocacy […]