Marketplace Defense

NOUN //mar – kit – place //di – fen(t)s /

The act of defending an organization or individual’s position against marketplace assaults – chronic, sophisticated attacks from self-interested and motivated adversaries. These adversaries, who may include competitors, regulators, media, activists, the plaintiff’s bar and short sellers, are relentless in advancing their agenda at an organization or individual’s expense. A marketplace assault is different from a crisis because it is chronic and ongoing, not acute and event driven.

Marketplace Defense is a strategic operational and communications approach that allows an organization to protect or reposition its market share by pre-empting and rebutting third party attacks that threaten their reputation and freedom to operate.

Whether your issue is an aggressive Washington regulator, a legislator in need of persuasion, a competitor disparaging your product in the press or an angry Twitter mob, you need more than a PR firm to “craft winning messages” and jump on daily strategy calls. You need an honest, comprehensive inventory of your motivated adversaries, an understanding of what drives them and an action plan to defuse their arguments and tactics that let you get back to business.

Whether our clients are playing offense or defense, we understand the need to clear a path to victory. While that means employing a variety of traditional public affairs tactics to tell our clients’ stories, it also means a marketplace defense campaign that makes operational changes and responds to detractors, neutralizing their arguments and giving us the oxygen to make ours effectively.

In today’s public affairs, government relations and media environment, traditional tactics are often insufficient, largely because they mistake conflicts–fundamental disagreements and agendas–with communications problems and misunderstandings. That’s where we come in. We will design a strategic defense of the marketplace that takes your arguments directly to decision makers while rebutting your critics in real time and proportion.