The way we see it, a crisis isn't

an opportunity.

It's a distraction.

What We Do.

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We defend reputations. We combat operational and regulatory conflicts. We refute wrongful attacks. We neutralize motivated adversaries. We defy agenda-driven assaults. We impact outcomes.


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The act of defending an organization or individual's position against marketplace assaults – chronic, sophisticated attacks from self-interested and motivated adversaries. These adversaries, who may include competitors, regulators, media, activists, the plaintiff's bar and short sellers, are relentless in advancing their agenda at an organization or individual's expense. A marketplace assault is different from a crisis because it is chronic and ongoing, not acute and event-driven.

This philosophy is the foundation for everything we do – whether it's helping our clients survive a reputational crisis, an adverse public policy change, unwanted or unwarranted government scrutiny, a competitor attack or a public disclosure that threatens their ability to operate – our marketplace defense way of thinking gets our clients wins.