Dez Reads. The Importance of Trash Talk, Dimon Stays Winning, ScarJo’s Voice, Vivek’s Media Gambit and More.


I grew up talking trash to the point that newcomers to my friend group wondered if we secretly hated each other. David Shoemaker’s new book, Wisecracks, suggests that our close-knit group relied on insults and banter to bind us together. The Atlantic’s review leads Dez Reads this week.

Beyond that, Anne Marie Malecha looks at the reputational and litigation implications of ScarJo’s fight with Sam Altman and OpenAI, Mike Bova examines Jamie Dimon’s latest win in DC, Mark Emerson muses about the looming end of the best live sports show left on TV, and I wonder what Vivek will do with his small activist stake in BuzzFeed.

We at Dezenhall would also like to take a minute this week to thank our veterans and active-duty military this Memorial Day weekend. Here’s hoping our readers take time with family to reflect on the sacrifices so many have made for our country.

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