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20 Sep 2016

Executive Edge: CEOs under fire CNBC

As Wells Fargo CEO John Stump, and Mylan CEO Heather Bresch testify before Congress this week their job will be relatively simple: Survive the proceedings. A Congressional hearing is not an investigative panel—it’s political theater, the most fun a Member of Congress can have. Watch the video

13 Sep 2016

Why Politicians Like Clinton Keep Their Health a Secret CNBC

Powerful people such as Hillary Clinton keep secrets for a reason and sometimes it actually it works for them. Instead of being transparent they complicate. So, dare we ask, why does everyone maintain that transparency is the best crisis management strategy? Read the full article

31 Aug 2016

Why Trump Can Get Away with Saying Anything CNBC

Why can Donald Trump seemingly say anything and get away with it? Eric Dezenhall comments on why there are different rules for different people and organizations in high-stakes communications. Read the full article

26 Aug 2016

Why Aetna Is Not a Villain Real Clear Markets

Steven Schlein and Anne Marie Malecha comment that Aetna’s savvy business acumen should not be vilified by the media or federal government simply because they don’t like the fact they were outplayed. Aetna has broken no laws and its obligation is to its employees and shareholders. This “Aetna (and other insurers) is a villain” narrative being pushed […]

24 Aug 2016

Trump vs. Clinton: It’s a Battle of the Brands CNBC

INSIGHT: Eric Dezenhall’s commentary on CNBC regarding which presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump, has the brand that will resonate better with voters this November. Read the full article

19 Aug 2016

Crisis Manager Weighs In On Ryan Lochte’s Situation WBZ News Radio 1030

WBZ Radio featured Eric Dezenhall to discuss Ryan Lochte and the apology he released after claiming he was robbed at gunpoint. Eric states that apologies made during a crisis are always declared mismanaged by the media. Talking is what got Lochte into trouble and more talking is not the answer.

19 Aug 2016

ERIC DEZENHALL On Swimmer Gate The Hugh Hewitt Show

Eric Dezenhall speaks with Hugh Hewitt regarding Ryan Lochte and the swimmer’s Rio Olympic crisis. Hugh asks Eric what he would advise the swimmers, sponsors as well as the U.S. Olympic Committee.   Listen to audio here

10 Aug 2016

How Free Trade Died in the US – and Why the Same Could Happen in Britain Too City A.M.

Free trade advocates in Britain should look to the US, where two historic trade deals have died, as a warning for their own political climate. Sam Jefferies, vice president at Dezenhall suggests that this was due to ineffective communications, which sealed the fate of the 12 nation TPP pact and what will be the end […]

07 Jul 2016

Charisma & Damage Control at Tesla CNBC

Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss the Tesla accident impact, Eric Dezenhall says charismatic visionaries such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are granted passes because they “crank out cool stuff.” When asked about Musk’s Twitter war with Fortune, Dezenhall says that Musk will fare better than a CEO of a more traditional publicly […]

04 May 2016

The Wall Street Defense Is Back in Vogue Real Clear World

The law firm at the center of the Panama Papers scandal is vigorously implementing the tried and true “Wall Street defense” – declaring loudly and repeatedly that making money is not, in fact, illegal. And it’s working, according to Dezenhall Resources’ Sam Jefferies. Read the full article