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20 Oct 2016

Will Samsung survive the exploding Galaxy disaster? This crisis expert weighs in CNBC

Commentary piece by Eric Dezenhall on what it’s really like to be embroiled in a corporate crisis – in this case, Samsung. (Not to mention some of the idiotic advice Samsung is given by pundits). Read the full article

15 Oct 2016

In Trump’s ‘Apprentice’ run, reality wasn’t what it seemed AP

Dezenhall quoted in AP story on Donald Trump’s reality show, “The Apprentice,” which served as his training ground for His campaign.  Dezenhall says Trump was adept at two skills necessary to succeed on TV. Read the full article

13 Oct 2016

Samsung committed the “cardinal sin of crisis management” – now trust in its entire brand is at risk World Trademark Review

Samsung’s reputation is going the same route as its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones: down in flames. Dezenhall’s Josh Culling argues that Samsung has committed “the cardinal sin of crisis management” and provides some analysis on how the company can repair its brand and get back to business. Read the full article

12 Oct 2016

Trump is ‘the marquee name in a horror show’ CNBC

Commentary on CNBC regarding what happens when a litigator comes face to face with an entertainer. The release of Hillary’s emails and Donald’s Access Hollywood video serve to reinforce what we already know about their styles. The crises resonate with people not because they are so shocking but rather because they validate what people believe […]

03 Oct 2016

Companies Under Attack Hire Dezenhall Resources to Get Back to Business Huffington Post

Huffington Post calls Dezenhall the “the firm companies hire to get back to business” Read the article

30 Sep 2016

Brangelina divorce: Temporary custody agreement worked out USA Today

Given the toxic publicity and leaks from anonymous sources so far surrounding the Brangelina divorce Eric Dezenhall gives his thoughts on Jolie’s preemptive divorce announcement and allegations about Pitt. Read the full article

26 Sep 2016

Trump VS. Clinton: Battle of the Brands CNN

Eric Dezenhall joins Maggie Lake (CNN) in which they discuss the brands of the two presidential nominees: Hillary Clinton’s brand is endurance and Donald Trump’s brand is ridicule. Watch the video

20 Sep 2016

Executive Edge: CEOs under fire CNBC

As Wells Fargo CEO John Stump, and Mylan CEO Heather Bresch testify before Congress this week their job will be relatively simple: Survive the proceedings. A Congressional hearing is not an investigative panel—it’s political theater, the most fun a Member of Congress can have. Watch the video

13 Sep 2016

Why Politicians Like Clinton Keep Their Health a Secret CNBC

Powerful people such as Hillary Clinton keep secrets for a reason and sometimes it actually it works for them. Instead of being transparent they complicate. So, dare we ask, why does everyone maintain that transparency is the best crisis management strategy? Read the full article

31 Aug 2016

Why Trump Can Get Away with Saying Anything CNBC

Why can Donald Trump seemingly say anything and get away with it? Eric Dezenhall comments on why there are different rules for different people and organizations in high-stakes communications. Read the full article