The Age of Viral Recalls Is Just Beginning

May 27, 2015 | Huffington Post

In light of the Takata airbag recall, Dezenhall writes that we are living in an age of the “viral recall”…Read More

The Pats Pick Best of Their Bad Options

May 20, 2015 | Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall’s view on why the New England Patriots are not fighting the NFL sanctions and why he agrees with…Read More

Will Media Coverage Matter in Baltimore Trials?

May 6, 2015 | Huffington Post

Eric Dezenhall’s piece for Huffington Post regarding upcoming media coverage of the trial of Baltimore police officers charged with the…Read More

Hillary and the Virtues of Boring Damage Control

April 23, 2015 | Huffington Post

“Endurance is the most unheralded form of genius.” Eric Dezenhall on Hillary Clinton’s damage control style.

So, Rolling Stone Got it Wrong — Now What?

April 16, 2015 | Real Clear Politics

A newly authored piece by Eric Dezenhall written for Real Clear Politics on the practical aftermath of the Rolling Stone/UVA…Read More

A Look Back at the Target Breach

April 6, 2015 | Huffington Post

The Ghost of Crisis Past: Eric Dezenhall breaks down the effective and costly damage control campaign launched by Target to…Read More

On ‘Dursting': Why Media Prey Go on Camera

March 20, 2015 | Huffington Post

For many who have watched HBO’s The Jinx and scratched their heads wondering why Robert Durst would do the interview,…Read More

Crisis managers say NBC News handling Brian Williams scandal well

February 11, 2015 | Washington Examiner

Eric Dezenhall was interviewed by the Washington Examiner on the NBC response to how it has handled the Brian Williams scandal.

Managing Scandal in a 24-Hour News Cycle at the Newseum

January 28, 2015 | Newseum

The Inside Media event on 1/24/15 at the Newseum in which Eric Dezenhall was interviewed about Managing Scandal  in a…Read More

Controversy and Contrition: The Art of Crisis Management

January 20, 2015 | The Kojo Nnamdi Show

Eric Dezenhall was in the studio with Kojo Nnamdi (WAMU 88.5) to discuss the perception and reality of crisis management.

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