Charisma & damage control at Tesla

July 7, 2016 | CNBC

Appearing on CNBC’s Squawk Box to discuss the Tesla accident impact, Eric Dezenhall says charismatic visionaries such as Steve Jobs and Elon Musk are granted passes because they “crank out cool stuff.” When asked about Musk’s Twitter war with Fortune,…Read More

The Wall Street Defense Is Back in Vogue

May 4, 2016 | Real Clear World

The law firm at the center of the Panama Papers scandal is vigorously implementing the tried and true “Wall Street defense” – declaring loudly and repeatedly that making money is not, in fact, illegal. And it’s working, according to Dezenhall…Read More

Wall Street’s Image Problem

April 20, 2016 | CNBC

CNBC asked Dezenhall CEO, Eric Dezenhall if Wall Street needs to rebrand its image after the primary voting exit polls in New York revealed that many Democrats and Republicans agreed Wall Street hurts the economy more than helps. Watch the…Read More

Behind the Headlines With Josh Culling

April 13, 2016 | Cision

Josh Culling, senior vice president at Dezenhall Resources shares his insight on what brands can do when a crisis arises; the role of social media in crisis communications and why he gets excited to use Snapchat.   Read the full…Read More

REVOLVING DOOR Dezenhall Resources Makes 2 Executive Hires

April 8, 2016 | AdWeek

Adweek: Former Dezenhall employees, Josh Culling and James Hewitt return to the firm. Culling returns as a senior vice president after leaving the DC area for his hometown of Toledo, OH.  Hewitt returns as a senior director after a role…Read More

Eric Dezenhall On The GOP and Crisis PR In Cleveland

March 18, 2016 | The Hugh Hewitt Show

Listen or read the Hugh Hewitt interview with Glass Jaw author, Eric Dezenhall where they discuss what the GOP ought to be doing in advance to prepare for an open convention, violence from protesters and corporate sponsorship at the convention. Eric criticizes the crisis…Read More

Ubering Through Crisis

February 25, 2016 | Huffington Post

It will be a combination of operational improvements and sheer endurance that will help Uber’s crisis management, says Eric Dezenhall in his latest piece for Huffington Post regarding its handling of a driver who went on a killing rampage. Read…Read More

Apple’s Fight With FBI: Expert

February 25, 2016 | CNBC: Squawk Box

CNBC’s Squawk Box had Eric on to discuss the Apple’s fight with the FBI. Watch the video and listen to why Eric believes Apple is the one company which defies every law of crisis management.  

UNREDACTED, Rachel Marsden

February 9, 2016 | UNREDACTED

Listen to Eric and Rachel Marsden discuss the current crop of candidates for the 2016 Presidential campaign and crisis management. Eric states that “everything we believe to be true is turned upside down.” On the GOP side, Eric is astonished…Read More

In 2016, the messenger trumps the message

January 29, 2016 | The Hill

The campaigns run by both Trump and Sanders are surprisingly successful, says, Steven Schlein, Senior Vice President because the lines on the chart of destiny are meeting and all they have to do is be themselves and seize the zeitgeist….Read More

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