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16 Aug 2017

Trump Has Stamped the Passport of Corporations into the World of Race:… CNBC

Racial issues are the “cyanide pill of crisis management.” Nobody gets out of racial controversies in good shape. Consumer-oriented industries are at greater risk than heavy industry to scrutiny over their support of Trump. Watch the video

14 Aug 2017

The Backlash to Trump’s Response to White Supremacists is Telling CNBC

President Trump’s initial reaction to the horror in Charlottesville violated the principle that the President should be a healer-in-chief during times of crisis. Read the article

10 Aug 2017

Confronting Disruptors – One Marketplace Assault At A Time Forbes

Few adversaries are more motivated than a competitor. Blue Apron finds itself in a classic marketplace defense scenario and the latest victim of Amazon. While Amazon is a behemoth to go up against, Blue Apron can and should fight back. Read the article

17 Jul 2017

Kid Rock, The Rock, Caitlyn Jenner hint at politics — but what’s in it for them? USA Today

What’s in it for celebrities turning their attention to the political arena? Bigger celebrity, of course! Read the article

21 Jun 2017

United Airlines: Trench Warfare Reaches Washington Investor's Business Daily

Dezenhall’s Sam Jefferies weighs in on United Airlines’ true crisis-a trench warfare attack in Washington. Read the article

20 Jun 2017

Will A Leadership Shake-Up Drive Operational Change At Uber? Forbes

Dezenhall Resources’ Anne Marie Malecha writes that the need for operational change is too often misdiagnosed as a PR problem. Example, Uber. In this latest piece Malecha points out there is no quick fix; it is getting to the core of the problem that got you into the crisis in the first place that will […]

14 Jun 2017

Uber’s Problems Continue as Board Member Resigns CNBC

Interview with Squawk Box on Uber’s David Bonderman’s resignation after his inappropriate joke about women and the timing of  the report by former U.S. attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. on Uber’s workplace culture. Watch the video

12 Jun 2017

Why Mixing Politics and Business Won’t End Well for Your Company Inc.

Dezenhall’s Sam Jefferies weighs in for Inc. Magazine on why companies should start upholding the separation of corporation and state. Read the full article

05 Jun 2017

Uber Looks To Calm Outrage After Surge Pricing During London Attacks International Business Times

The negative backlash on social media to Uber’s surge pricing during the London Bridge attack is PR problem with an operational solution says Eric Dezenhall. Read the article on what Dezenhall thinks Uber should do in the future to address these types of problems. Read the full article

31 May 2017

Shaking Up His Communications Staff Won’t Solve Trump’s Biggest Problems Washington Examiner

The blaming, firing and resigning of communications people in the White House won’t solve the problems of Russia or knock out the impeachment chatter. Especially when the problems have been created by President Trump himself. Taking blame for things beyond your control has become a job requirement for today’s communications pros. Read the full article