About the Firm

Founded in 1987, Dezenhall Resources, Ltd. rapidly earned a reputation for meeting crisis situations head-on and winning a fair hearing for its clients. As the burgeoning digital age has helped misinformation go viral, we have distinguished ourselves even further as the leading experts in strategic communications management for clients who are under attack.

We are typically brought in during times of intense scrutiny, risk or competition. We are known for dealing with acute controversies, mounting effective marketplace defenses, and turning back chronic, agenda-driven attacks that threaten reputations, brands and freedom-to-operate.

Today, our firm handles a diverse set of clients, ranging from issue coalitions and multi-national corporations to prominent individuals. We also advise numerous non-profit organizations, including colleges and universities, health organizations, research institutions and philanthropic groups.

We selectively provide counseling on a pro bono basis to charities, foundations, and other worthy causes.

Our professional staff includes former investigative reporters and producers, congressional press secretaries, White House and federal agency aides, and political campaign managers, as well as trade association and corporate communicators.

Mark TwainA lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.

— Mark Twain